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Roll of Thunder Essay Example
3531 words 13 pages

The importance of education is at the center of Roll of Thunder, Hear My Cry by Mildred D. Taylor.  One of the central focuses of the novel is the distinct differences between the white and black schools of the 1930s during the Great Depression in the South.   The character of Mama Logan is cast […]

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Child Disorders Education Mental Disorder Special Education Teacher Tension
In Tension Throughout The Film And What Effect Essay Example
996 words 4 pages

Alfred Hitchcock was a famous director during the late 1950’s and early 60’s. He was born in 1899 and died in 1980. He was known as the master of suspense for creating tense and thrilling films including ‘Psycho’ and ‘The birds.’ In 1960 Psycho was released and was a big hit in Great Britain and […]

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Alfred Hitchcock Tension
Jaws: Shark and Water Essay Example
1701 words 7 pages

Jaws (1975) Media Coursework Peter Benchley wrote “Jaws” the novel before it was made into a film directed by Steven Spielberg. “Jaws” is a thriller/horror with the main aim being to build up suspense and tension. When making the film Jaws Steven Spielberg had to face the challenging task of translating Benchley’s popular novel into […]

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Disorders Event Mental Disorder Tension
Human Anatomy Essay Example
530 words 2 pages

Multiple Choice Chapter 6 1. A, C, D, E 2. A 3. C 4. B, D 5. A, B, C, D 6. B, C 7. B, D 8. A, B 8. Isotonic contraction (“same tone” or tension) – In isotonic contractions, myofilaments are successful in their sliding movements, the muscle shortens, and movement occurs. Contractions […]

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Disorders Mental Disorder Muscle Physical Exercise Tension
Line Extensions Essay Example
2495 words 10 pages

This paper will illuminate several components for adding a line extension and discuss the Ross and cons of taking these risks. There are two theories to explore the effects of brand extension. They are Categorization theory and Brand extension Failure Theory. Brand extension literature supports and disputes its line extension success. In conclusion, my paper […]

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Brand Brand Equity Branding Business Process Disorders Mental Disorder Tension
Implications of Physical Disability Essay Example
298 words 2 pages

Cerebral Palsy Cerebral Palsy affects people in different ways – some people experience minor motor skill problems, while others may be totally physically dependent. Messages from the brain can be distorted or mistimed causing increased muscle tension. Messages from the brain may also be mistimed, sent to the wrong muscle, or not sent at all. […]

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Disorders Mental Disorder Perception Physical therapy Tension
Plastic A Boon or A Bane Essay Sample
499 words 2 pages

Extensions of cognition do non ever enlarge our capacity for control. This holds true for our relation to nature. some of whose phenomena are alterable by adult male while others are non. Despite all addition in our information about heavenly phenomena some lie wholly beyond human influence. For case a geologist surveies the nature of […]

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Animals Business Disorders Ecology Mental Disorder Natural Environment Plastic Pollution Polymers Tension
Vascular Endothelial Growth Factor In Portal Hypertensive Gastropathy Essay Example
331 words 2 pages

Portal hypertensive gastropathy is increasingly being recognized as a major cause of anemia and bleeding apart from oesophageal varices. We know that, in portal hypertension, there is a relative hypoxia of the gastric antral and fundal mucosa, This mucosal ischemia causes increased risk of mucosal breakdown and thus leads to ulceration and in the setting […]

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Disease Disorders Epidemiology Film Analysis Medicine Mental Disorder Tension
The Withered Arm Essay Example
2196 words 8 pages

Suspense is the creation of excitement at the approach of the climax, whether of the whole novel, or just a particular chapter or scene. Tension is the feeling of uneasiness or stress caused by suspense, not knowing what will transpire next. It is clear that the two are very closely interrelated, and when they are […]

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Disorders Divorce Fiction Mental Disorder Social Institution Suspense Tension The Reader
How Is Tension Created In Essay Example
2275 words 9 pages

This story is about the Birling family celebrating their daughter, Sheila’s engagement to Gerald Croft. A few pages into the story, an Inspector called Goole which means ‘spirit in death’ interrogates the family and the story of Eva’s death unfolds. As it progresses each character realises their connection to her tragic death. Behind this story […]

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An Inspector Calls Social Class Tension Women's Suffrage
How does Roal Dahl create unease and tension in The Landlady Essay Example
2364 words 9 pages

In this essay I am going to discuss how Dahl uses language, characters, and objects to create tension and unease in the story “The Landlady”. The story begins by describing a long train journey taken by Billy Weaver. When he arrived “it was about nine o clock in the evening and the moon was coming […]

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Compare The Whole Towns Sleeping with A Terribly Strange Bed Essay Example
1386 words 6 pages

Murder mystery stories have been very popular for many years, some of the most popular being the Sherlock Holmes stories. Murder mystery novels rely on suspense and tension to entertain the reader. These genres of novels aren’t just designed to entertain the reader, they are also designed to challenge the readers’ imagination. “The Whole Towns […]

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Disorders English-Language Films Event Fiction Mental Disorder Poetry Reader Tension The Reader
Slough by Sir John Betjeman Essay Example
459 words 2 pages

Sir John Betjeman’s poem, Slough, opens with a wonderful, dramatic stanza. There is huge tension between the ideas of cows grazing and the idea of death. Even in the opening line there is conflict friendly bombs’ is a contradiction in terms, as bombs are almost never thought of as friendly, and Betjeman’s use of this […]

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Books Disorders Mental Disorder Poetry Stanza Tension
Time Stands Still Meaning Essay Example
1597 words 6 pages

Feminism in modern society Feminism is an abstract concept or association that supports the equality of both male and female gender. It primarily focuses on the equality of females by arguing against the social limitations set for women. The feminism theory is the extension of feminism which seeks to comprehend the fundamental temperament of gender […]

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Disorders Female Gender Law Mental Disorder Politics Sex Tension Woman Women's Suffrage
Annylis Dick Prosser Essay Example
462 words 2 pages

“The Child by Tiger” by Thomas Wolfe is a short story based around a black man, Dick Prosser and the environment of the South. Though the story isn’t based on primarily based on racial issues, there is a great deal of tension between the blacks and the whites. Dick endures racial oppression as a black […]

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Discrimination Disorders Mental Disorder Racism Short Story Society Tension
False Needs Analysis Essay Example
1977 words 8 pages

Hoyer and Macinnis define the need as an internal state of tension caused by disequilibrium from an ideal/desired physical or psychological state. This tension leads to some outcomes that are necessary to serve the need. In other perspective, needs lead to certain goals which can be described as an outcome that one would like to […]

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APA Disorders Insurance Marketing Mental Disorder Personal Goals Tension
Segu Analysis Essay Example
1097 words 4 pages

The author Maryse Conde has based the story of Segu on real life events and practices of the late 18th and early 19th century. The author has tried to bring out the tensions that existed in Africa at that time by using the four brothers of the Traore family,Tiekoro, Siga, Naba and Malobali as scapegoats. […]

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APA Disorders God Mental Disorder Muhammad Personal Tension
Absistence of Teen Sex Essay Example
1564 words 6 pages

In a time when the world is being threatened by burning issues like global warming, environmental degradation, wars, communal tensions, terrorism and utter mayhem in general it may surprise one to know that the most pertinent issue of them all that is threatening to rent our society apart is teenage sex. The youth, which is […]

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Adolescence APA Disorders Human Sexuality Mental Disorder Sex Society Tension
The Case of Sally and Mike Essay Example
798 words 3 pages

Excessive stress and tension are usually factors resulting from many or major changes in an individual’s life, and as often the basis for a crisis situation. Family members do not operate in a shell, one person’s crisis can be the basis for or becomes the family’s crisis. There are many major sources of crisis that […]

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APA Children Disorders Grief Mental Disorder Personal Tension
Sports massage Essay Example
1418 words 6 pages

I believe that sports massage is one of the most effective therapies for releasing muscle tension and restoring balance to the muscular skeletal system. If you have a constant build in tension in your muscles form ordinary or regular activity, this may lead to stresses on the joints, ligaments, tendons as well as muscles themselves. […]

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Disease Disorders Mental Disorder Muscle Tension Therapy
How do H.G. Wells and Susan Hill create tension in their stories Essay Example
4093 words 15 pages

`The Red Room’ by HG Wells and `Farthing House’ by Susan Hill are two ghost stories exploiting the cultural, social and historical aspects of the gothic ghost story genre. Cleverly, both writers create tension, to generate a sense of thrill and frission that engages the reader emotionally. Coleridge called this the `willing suspension of our […]

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Fiction Ghost Hill Narration Tension

Popular Questions About Tension

How to describe tension?
Words to Describe tensionhyperarteriallateral repulsiveintra-cranialpermanent highphysicalsheer physicalnearly equalfrightfulsame softunrealized
What are the types of tension?
I commonly refer to three types of tension based upon CEB’s model of ‘constructive tension.’ Constructive. Tension created between the prospect and the problem they are currently facing. Destructive. This kind of tension inappropriately causes tension between wrong parties…the prospect and the rep. Unproductive.
What does the suffix tension mean?
Answer and Explanation: For example, if someone is tense, he or she experiences being in the state of tension. By adding the suffix '-sion' to the end of 'tense,' the meaning changes from describing something tight or rigid to identifying the state of being tight or rigid. The suffix '-sion' can be added to a variety of words.
What is the definition of tension?
Tension: 1) The pressure within a vessel, such as blood pressure: the pressure within the blood vessels. For example, elevated blood pressure is referred to as hypertension. 2) Stress, especially stress that is translated into clenched scalp muscles and bottled-up emotions or anxiety. This is the type of tension blamed for tension headaches.
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