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Penn Foster med trans As an office manager for DMD Medical Supplies, it is imperative that I ensure the company’s dollars are economically spent through the efficiency of my employees. Currently, the company is forced to pay $200 in overtime per month due to what appears to be ineffective time management as a whole throughout my group. Unfortunately I can only adjust the way two of these employees manage their time, as they are the individuals of whom I am in charge.

In order to reduce and even eliminate overtime, the workload handed down by the executive team needs to be re-dispersed more evenly between Ruth Disselkoen and Jack Snyder. Jack will now have less free time for longer breaks and late arrivals to work, and Ruth will have enough time for the allotted breaks allowed every day and to get her daily work effectively completed. In order to make Ruth and Jack accountable for overall improved output, I will ask the executives to fill out valuations based on work quality, efficiency, and effectiveness.

These evaluations will be used to reward efficiency on a quarterly basis with the purpose of getting my employees back on track through goal-setting that will not cost the company extra money. It will give them something to strive toward and break the monotony of every day tasks. As their manager, I will be making sure responsibilities are completed through implementing the steps taken for a more efficient office while reducing and eliminating overtime.

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