Pablo Escobar Essay Example
Pablo Escobar Essay Example

Pablo Escobar Essay Example

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  • Published: June 9, 2017
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Pablo Escobar was born on December 1, 1949 In Rlonegro, Columbia. HIS parents were Abel de Jesus Darl Escobar, a farmer, and Hemllda Garvlne, a teacher. His family was poor and because of this, Pablo, at the age of five, promised his mother that he would give her everything. This was his childhood ambition, along with being rich by the time he was 22.

1 The fact that he was poor motivated him and made him strive for power and money. He later became the most notorious and richest drug lord and Columbian congressman.Pablo Escobar, as far as personality goes, no one except those who knew him very personally could tell you what he is like, but if you were to ask the people of Columbia and the people of the United States on what Pablo Escobar was like, the two opinions would be very different. Whether you were on his good or bad side wouldVe affected that as well.

To the people of Columbia, he was much Ilke a "Robin Hood" figure. He built churches, schools, hospitals, and fields for soccer. He was kind and giving. But, on the other hand, he is very notoriously known for being bad tempered and erciless.Those who disrespected him were killed instantaneously. Anyone who disagreed was bombed, which is much why Escobar bombed the U.

S. When it came to his people, he used a very kind approach, but for others, he used terror as his way of persuasion. 6 At the age of 1 1, Pablo had begun to sell marijuana and was stealing tombstones, s


elling them to smugglers of Panama. He later moved on to stealing cars.

He basically lived his life as a thief, outlaw, and drug dealer. 2 These occupations boosted his experience with every successful trade, buy, or sell.These also Increased his persuasion skills, which, of course, If one still dldnt fall to his Idea or belief; he had other ways of convincing people. Escobar was the Head of the Medellin Cartel, was elected into Columbian Congress, and transported nearly 80% of all cocaine into the united States, which is about 15 tons cocaine.

2 He was one of the richest men to live, so rich that he spent about $2,500 a month on rubber bands to hold his money together. 3 Pablo Escobar believed in respect and taking care of the people who cared for im, and even the people who simply are of Columbia.I believe this played a huge part specifically in his candidacy. 3 Those who disrespected him were killed immediately for his low tolerance of disrespect.

All during his career, he took care of his people, spolllng them, making sure they had everything they needed and a little more. I think this philosophy came to be due to the fact that he lived In poverty and would never want to see his people like that. possession of 39 kilograms of white paste, cocaine. Pablo attempted to bribe two Columbian Judges but he failed and later murdered the two cops that arrested him and his men.After this incident, his case was dropped and he decide

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to handle situations involving authorities by bribing or killing them.

4 Handling a situation like this, I would have most likely try and bribe the authorities. Columbia's government is corrupted so if I was in the same position, I would also do my best to convince them with whatever I could. However, if that did not work out for me, I would not have murdered the cops that had arrested me for hey are only doing their Jobs and in such a Job, Escobar is the one at fault.For the Columbian society, Pablo had a very positive impact since he was very giving to Columbian. As previously stated, he paid for many beneficial buildings such as schools and hospitals. He was very saint-like to Columbia, while to the United States, he is a very dark and displeasing.

He was nothing but a threat and danger to Pablo was a supplier to the U. S, shipping 1 5 tons of cocaine, a serious, repetitively, and carried on a very unpleasant reputation from bombings, threats, and his large riminal record. He, to the U. S was an enemy, a very difficult opponent.