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Source F is a cartoon from a Russian newspaper on the 10th of November which is the day after the destructions, and source G is a cartoon about Kristallnacht published in a British magazine on the 30th of November. Because source F is published in a Russian newspaper the day after the event, they have just heard what has happened so they don’t even know if it was the Nazis, they are just giving their opinion.Because source G is written by the British it is likely to be more neutral than the Russians, it is also written on the 30th of November so it means the British have had time to find out more about what happened and get a more accurate bit of information. The cartoon in source F shows the Russians immediate reactions to what happened, they think straight away that the Nazis were responsible for the destruction and think they have made a big mistake. The cartoon has a man in the top corner, this represents Tsar Nicholas II who, during his reign (1894-1917) encouraged attacks on the Jews.In the cartoon he is shown looking down on the other person who is supposed to represent a Nazi and is saying to the Nazi, ‘attacking the Jews did not do me any good, my Fascist friend.

‘ This makes it seem like the Russians are looking down on the Nazis and trying to make them look stupid. The Nazi at the bottom of the cartoon is shown with a knife in his hand which is dripping with blood which makes it seem like he has just killed a Jew, there is also smashed glass, broken chairs and smashed up furniture which suggests that the Russians are quite certain about blaming the Nazis for the destructions.Tsar Nicholas II has been put at the top of the cartoon with the Nazi at the bottom to make it look like the Russians look down on the Nazis and they are trying to make them feel stupid about what they have done and they should be worried about what could happen to them. The cartoon in source G is showing that the Nazis were responsible for the events on Kristallnacht and the German people did not do anything and were against it but could not show any sympathy or object to it or they would be putting themselves in danger. In the background of the picture is fire, this is representing the fires that the Nazis started in Synagogues.

The man at the back of the picture is a Nazi and is holding a weapon in his hand and standing next to a body which is likely to be a Jew he has just killed; this is showing that they think the Nazis are responsible for Kristallnacht. At the front of the picture there is a women who is tied up and represents the German people, women are not as strong as men so this might have been the reason why a women was used instead of a man, the women is also tied up which make her even less powerful and capable of doing anything, it is showing that the German people knew what was going on but they couldn’t do anything about it.Next to the women on the floor, there are some weapons, a shield and a sword, this may have been put here to make it seem like these are the German peoples weapons and they want to defend the Jews but they can’t because they are not allowed to and are not as powerful as the Nazis. The similarities between the cartoons are that they both blame the Nazis for Kristallnacht and have a Nazi in uniform holding a weapon and look although they have just killed a Jew.

In both cartoons, there is no sign that the German people were part of the attacks, in source F there is no other people in the cartoon other than the Nazi and Tsar Nicholas II and in source G, the women who represents the German people is tied up which shows she did not do anything and therefore the Germans did not do anything. The differences betweens the two cartoons are, in source F, it is just as much focused on the fact that the Russians think the Hitler has made a mistake by what they have done as the Russians blaming the Nazis for the attacks.It does not have any pictures in the source that would suggest that the German people had nothing to do with the attacks and are not allowed to object or have any sympathy for the attacks on the Jews, it is also not official. In source G, it does not have any pictures in that would suggest the Nazis have made a mistake, it is concentrating more on the fact that the Nazis were to blame for what happened and the German people did not do anything and can not either because they are being stopped by the Nazis and they are to scared to, this source does know the official version of what happened.The two sources are quite similar, but not to a great extent because the only major similarity that they have is the fact that the Nazis are blamed for the attacks, but the sources are trying to get across two different messages, the message source F is mainly trying to get across is that the Nazis have made a mistake from doing what the have done and something could happen to them, and the message source G is trying to get across is that the Germans were responsible for the destruction and attacks on the Jews and the German people were not responsible and could not do anything about what happened.

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