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In this paper, I will be specifically covering what a NAS device is, what the speed of the network adapter for a NAS device would be, what kind of capacity range the NAS has, if it has any fault tolerances, if management features are available, and why a user would like to use a NAS. A NAS or “Network Attached Storage” is a a device with hard disk storage setup on a network; with its own network address, rather than being attached to a computer, it serves the applications to a networks workstation.

The speed of the network adapter available for a NAS device, typically ranges around the one gigabit Ethernet connection, but this can be changed to multiple gigabit, 10 gigabit, and fiber optic just by adding PCI-e network card(s). The capacity range varies; this is due to having port replication, and add-on hard drive controller cards. There are fault tolerances built into a NAS device, one of the better fault tolerances being raid 50, which can be stable if configured the right way.Even though raid 10 has been dubbed one of the best setups, since more than one drive can fail at one time without data loss. Yes, management features are available for a NAS device. They provide the ability for different systems and organizations to work together.

This allows them to automate a lot of the many routine management tasks, instead of doing them manually. A user would use and want this for easier mobility, larger storage, stream media, share files, and share programs easily with the other computers also connected up to the network. Everything is always available (as long as the network is up)

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