Multi Level Factors Influencing The Individual Theology Religion
Multi Level Factors Influencing The Individual Theology Religion

Multi Level Factors Influencing The Individual Theology Religion

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Gerald Roundtree is a 75 twelvemonth old Black male. He was born in July 5, 1945 and raised in Pleasantville, New Jersey. He is a retired Veteran who served in the Marine Corp for eight old ages. Mr. Roundtree lived with both his parents and 3 siblings turning up, one brother, and two sisters. He is the 2nd oldest of the group and the oldest out of the male childs. He now has merely one sister still alive that presently lives in Pleasantville, NJ. Mr. Roundtree presently lives in Galloway, where he is five proceedingss from his place town of Pleasantville.

Gerald was raised largely by his female parent and grandma while he was immature due to his male parent absence. His male parent was a musician and traveled off from place most of his childhood. His immediate household female parent, grandma, and uncle were really rigorous and had regulations that had to be followed. He remembers being a good kid because he was taught to be respectful. His male parent would name place and state him what needed to be done. When his male parent returned place, he would pass clip playing athleticss with his male parent. He would go to church every Friday. The whole household would come over and have dinner. I asked him if it of all time bothered him that his male parent was off. He explained that it did n't because he understood why It was necessary because of his male parent 's absences.

He was really popular in school. He would dress


crisp and play athleticss. His visual aspect was of import to him during school and even now. He was ever raised to show himself suitably. He had tonss of friend and besides had many girlfriends. Everyone knew him around the vicinity. His friends would come over to the house and have dinner.

After High school, he enlisted in the Marine Corps. His female parent was really disquieted and did n't accept that he enlisted. Mom refused to be present for his farewell and could n't accept that her oldest boy was go forthing to the Mariness. She spoke to him three hebdomads after he left place.

When he returned from functioning eight old ages in the Marine he married his first married woman and had two kids. He subsequently divorced after he learned his married woman was running about with other work forces. It took him awhile to recognize his matrimony was over. He married his 2nd married woman, but the relationship besides did non work. He said his 2nd married woman was really lazy and she did n't desire to make anything with her life. He had two kids with his 2nd married woman before he asked her for a divorce and she agreed with him.

He met and married his 3rd married woman Maureen they have been together for 32 old ages and married for 25 old ages. He said that he loves his current married woman and believe she is his psyche mate. She means the universe to him. She had one kid from a old matrimony. He gets along with her boy

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He said that they both do n't interfere in their kids 's loves and that their kids do the same. They genuinely respect each other.

He became a Respiratory technician after the armed forces. He besides held multiple 2nd occupations. He enjoyed working two occupations because he likes to gain adequate money to purchase expensive personable points. He enjoyed dressing to affect as he called it.

He has a good relationship with his kids and from clip to clip they ask him for advice. He said that he tries to non interfere with their personal life but they are all supported of each other. His kids and stepchildren get along good and garner together for household occasions.

His position on what acquiring older agencies to him is that people who he cared about may no longer be about and that is the hardest thing for him. He lost a boy who died of a drug overdose. It took him a long clip to get the better of his heartache of losing a kid. Before his boy died, he knew that his boy was up to no good and he would ever seek to speak some sense into him. His boy would acquire arrested and he would ever bail him out. At one point he decided non to and his boy had to make three old ages in prison. He has images of his boy that he likes to look at from clip to clip and he looks back to those yearss he would hold conversations with him.

His brother passed off someplace in London, but he ne'er found out how he died. His sister died of natural causes, but she had a batch of unwellnesss. Gerald said that he was really near to his siblings and that they looked up to him. He misses his siblings and his boy. His other sister lives about 15 proceedingss off and they visit each other and speak frequently.

Gerald voluntaries at a preschool centre in Pleasantville. He still attends church every Sunday with his married woman. At times he will travel out to household and friends events. He loves to sings and dance. He besides enjoys holding household dinners. He on occasion plays hoops and football with his grandchildren when they come to see. He works around his garden with his married woman. Gerald said he drinks alcohols merely on occasion and takes medicine daily for High Blood Pressure. But his wellness is otherwise in overall good status.

Ecological position

Ecological systems theory provides us with a model for understanding the multi-level factors act uponing the person. Furthermore, the interactions within and among the system degree factors in the person development, their immediate environment ( e.g. , place and school ) , policies, and cultural forces are all interwoven. Using an ecological attack in societal work pattern can be seen as looking at individuals, households, civilizations, and communities finally to place and step in upon strengths and failings in the transactional procedures between the systems.

Analyzing Gerald 's multiple degrees of systems, we can see how they interact and influence each other, and this will let us to understand Gerald 's

behaviour. The Ecological theory explains that people can develop in negative or positive ways based on experiences during their development ( Greene, 1999 ) .

The societal environment includes the physical scene of the person. This is because the person comes into contact with other persons in the environment. This environment may include the single group, organisation, authorities, friends, and household. Gerald 's environment that he interacted with is the military, church, school, household, friends and employment. These are merely some illustrations of his environment. These interactions are necessary so he can go on to turn.

At the Micro degree, it focuses on the single demands, jobs and strengths. How he deals with the issues and the picks he makes ( Bronfenbrenner, 1994 ) . This system refers to his closest friends and household such as his female parent, grandma, uncle and even friends from his community and school. This is a two- manner system, where the kid is influenced within his system and how he influences his system ( Bronfenbrenner, 1994 ) . This is the interaction between the different beds. One country where there was a concern is his two divorces. How they communicated with each other is what led to the divorce.

The mezzo degree refers to his relationship with household and societal groups. Gerald 's interaction between other societal groups like the church and the school is of import because these other groups influence persons ( Greene, 1999 ) . He keeps himself busy and occupies himself with uneven occupations.

The mezzo degree explains that persons are involved with the interactions with others near to them. They learn to associate, communicate and compete with others. He is ever speaking about how he needs to dress better than everyone his age. He besides talks to the misss in the office and regards them on how good they dress. He besides talks about how the others ladies in the edifice needs to dress better.

The Macro system refers to the larger system that focus on Gerald 's societal, political and economic conditions. This degree may non straight interact with him but would impact his resources and quality of life ( Harkonen, 2007 ) . As a retired veteran, he is entitled to wellness benefits, but he feels he does n't necessitate them because he has other wellness benefits that give him more entree. Many community members know who he is and he keeps in contact with many local functionaries.

Gerald does supply some negative feedback to his married woman by imbibing overly. There are times that he has been told he smell like intoxicant at the topographic points he volunteers. He does n't speak about it at all, and I am non certain if he is cognizant that I knew he likes to imbibe a batch. His married woman provides positive feedback for him by linking him to our school, so he would n't remain home imbibing. This allows him to socialise and to acquire out the house more frequently. The ladies in the office love his company and he seems to bask theirs. These are illustrations of minutess between Gerald and his environment

( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010 ) .

Adaptation is the ability to set to state of affairss in an person 's environment. The manner Gerald has adapted to the assorted events in his life can explicate how he continues to work efficaciously. Even though he drinks he adapts good and he continues to volunteer and work uneven occupations. He was able to get married even after two failed matrimonies. He besides overcame his boy 's decease.

There is besides a signifier of energy that consists of input and end product energy. Output energy is positive feedback he receives from his friends and household. He is ever congratulating those he see his friends. He interacts with the persons he works with at the school. He besides receives positive feedback from the misss in the office because of his good personality and his position on life.

Erickson Theory

Erickson theory consists of what he calls `` eight consecutive phases '' . ( Goldstein, 1984 p.88 ) Erickson expanded on Freud theory to include three extra phases that focuses on human growing, where Freud theory focuses on the development during the psychosexual phases. Erickson theory argues that each one of his phases is of import in order to hold a healthy development and that persons go through a procedure that begins with a crisis. ( Goldstein, 1984 p.88 )

Persons learn to get the hang and get by at each phase to make solutions that will assist them travel on to the following phase. Erickson theory explains the development of the self-importance individuality through societal interaction, which can invariably alter due to life experiences and through the interaction of others. ( Goldstein, 1984, p. 91 ) Individual behaviours are motivated because of the sense of competency. This can help an person to experience as they have accomplished something. Gerald stated that he feels like he accomplished everything he wanted in life. He continues to populate his life without any concerns.

Erickson describes the first phase, `` Basic Trust V. Basic Misgiving '' is the foundation of a personality. This occurs from birth to one twelvemonth old. ( Goldstein, 1984 ) In this phase, the infant depends on the female parent and learns to swear because their demands are being met. ( Goldstein, 1984, p. 94 ) Gerald had a good relationship with his female parent and grandma. H was raised by both. While in the Mariness he left his female parent in charge of income. She saved all the money he earned so when he returned place he had a nest eggs to carry through his hereafter ends.

Second, Autonomy vs. Shame and Doubt is where they learn personal control. By larning to command their bodily waste they learn to go independent. This will take to the kid feeling secured and confident. Gerald is a really confident adult male. He does n't kick at all. He said he has a good life. He continues to work because he wants to maintain himself busy. He does everything himself. He and his married woman both know how to cook.

Third is Initiative V. Guilt, where they learn to asseverate their power

and holding control over others through drama and societal interactions. They learn to modulate egos and they model themselves after their parents in order to associate to them. ( Robbins et al. , 2012, p. 215 ) The parent is able to assist the kid learn his function and acceptable behaviour. Gerald 's female parent, grandma and uncle all taught him acceptable behaviours. He said he knew at an early age how he needed to act and if he did n't he cognize there was effects.

At the Initiative V. Guilt phase, kids learn to put ends and fantasy about the hereafter. ( Goldstein, 1984p 92 ) He was besides really popular in school and had many girlfriends. He socialized and participated in school. He knew merely before he finish school that he wanted to enlisted in the Mariness. He even did this even before inquiring his female parent for her blessing. She pleaded with him non to travel and he asked his grandma to assist her understand how severely he needed to make it.

The 4th, Industry vs. Inferiority where they learn to develop a sense of pride. They begin to incorporate their feelings together and develop drama and cognitive accomplishments ( Berzoff, Flanagan, & A ; Hertz, 2011, p. 106 ) . Children who experience racism can hold a sense of lower status and it can endanger the relationships that they build. Gerald is a black male who was born at a clip where segregation still existed. He was able to travel to school and learn without his environment impacting him negatively. He said he had white friends who would come over to his house. When he enlisted in the Marines, he said, that he ne'er see any racial tensenesss with his Marine brothers because they were shown that they were suppose to lodge together.

The fifth, Identity vs. Role Confusion, adolescence will research and get down to set up an individuality. They will analyze assorted functions in order to set up who they are. Gerald enlisted in the Marines right after high school and after eight old ages decided to come place. In the average clip he went on to work as a respiratory technician at assorted infirmaries. He worked as a security officer in the casinos and managed a nursing place.

In phase 6, Intimacy verses Isolation, Young grownups, at this phase get down to take callings, socialise with the opposite sex and construct intimate relationships. Erickson explains that persons who fail at this phase have a difficult clip developing meaningful relationships and are isolated ( Robbins, Chatterjee, & A ; Canda, 2012 ) . During high school he had many girlfriends. Gerald enlisted in the Marines. He besides got married and started holding a household.

Phase 8, Ego Integrity V. Despair, persons look back at their life and reflects how satisfied they are with their life. They besides look at their achievements. Gerald said that he is happy with his achievements and that he truly does n't hold any declinations. He said he ca n't command what God had planned for him. He is healthy, happy and has his comrade

by his side. He ca n't inquire for anything more. He said he is non losing anything.

Spirituality Fowler 's Faith Theory

Spiritualty is a major constituent in an person 's biopsychosocial profile. It dictates values and establishes societal norms. It was discovered that spiritualty played a major function in clients ' appraisal of self-strengths and restrictions.

Fowler 's theory discusses how persons view religion as a form to how they relate to themselves and the universe. Faith is defined as how one relates to self, others and the universe. It gives intending to an single life and sense of intent ( Robbins, S. , Chatterjee, P. , & A ; Canda, E. 2012 ) . It besides shows how persons are loyal and tend to swear one another. His phases focus on how persons work through their jobs. The phases besides refers to how they are committed to their religion ( Robbins, S. , Chatterjee, P. , & A ; Canda, E. 2012 ) .

Gerald religion is really of import to him. He continues to go to church every Sunday and have household dinner afterwards. His female parent and grandma made certain that as a kid he understood how of import the church was to their household. He had to go to church every Sunday and his female parent made sure he entered the choir. He has ever tried to transfuse the same ethical motives and beliefs that he has been taught into his ain kids. Some of the conversations he had with his boy were based on faith. He would state his boy to make right by God.

Phase 3, Mythic-literal Faith, begins about the age of six. Children learn to develop their household values and beliefs. The household shapes the kid belief by learning them their ain values. What is right and what is incorrect. They believe what the household has taught them. Gerald 's household was really spiritual and they participated in all their churches activities. He was in the church choir. He was taught about esteeming others and how of import regard was in his household.

Phase 4, Synthetic-Conventional Faith, striplings can analyze the significance of their life and important relationship ( Robbins, S. , Chatterjee, P. , & A ; Canda, E. 2012 ) . It can supply single an chance to associate to the universe. Individual develop at this phase a personal individuality. When Gerald decided that he was traveling to enlist in the Mariness, he ever felt that was his intent. His female parent was against him enlisting but he explained to his grandma that he needed to travel because he felt that 's what was right for him.

Spiritualty can assist persons like Gerald to be able to get by with decease, deceasing and covering with injury ( Gray, 2008 ) . This has aid supply Gerald counsel on morality and how to populate a better life. The church has helped him get by with the decease of his boy and others he was close to. Spirituality can supply an person to happen his or her significance in life ( Gray, 2008 ) . He does n't

worry about what the hereafter has for him. He said he lives his life twenty-four hours by twenty-four hours.

Attachment Theory

Attachment Theory explains how kids need to hold at least a health professional in order to hold a normal societal and emotional development. The relationship they have with their health professional influence the kid 's development. The manner a kid attaches to an person will assist explicate how persons attach to future relationships as grownups. The perceptual experiences, emotions and ideas that they have of persons as a kid will assist them in subsequently relationships. Children create a bond with their health professional. In attachment theory, it does n't necessary intend that it has to be the female parent. In Gerald 's instance, he was really near to his grandma, who helped raised him when he was a kid.

There are besides the fond regards that he had with his male parent and his uncle. When his male parent was off, his uncle took the function of his male parent and made sure that they were following the house regulations. Even though his male parent was off from place, he still builds a bond with his male parent. He would frequently hold phone conversations with his male parent. His male parent would state him what he needed to make while he was off from place. This provides the kid the ability to associate to his male parent. When his male parent was place he was able to bond with him because he and his male parent would play hoops and football together. The same behaviours he presently has with his ain kids and grandchildren.

Looking at secure fond regard, kids who bond with primary health professionals are more confident and unafraid in themselves. When kids feel secure it will helped them in future intimate relationships. This would assist single feel less covetous of their love 1s. Gerald felt really unafraid with the relationships he had with his female parent and grandma. Attachment theory can explicate why it took a long clip for him to recognize that his married woman was rip offing. He trusted her and ne'er had any insecurity. They besides tend to hold positive societal interactions with their equals. He had many friends, so it shows that he is able to socialise easy.

Strengths Perspective

Strengths position means that everything the societal worker do as a confederate will be based on easing the find, geographic expedition, and execution of clients ' strong points and resources in the service of assisting them achieve their aim. When an person is holding jobs, there is a normal propensity to concentrate in the issue alternatively of expression for a new manner to make things or do something different. The strength perspective attack helps societal workers to analyzing the client accomplishments such as endurance, header, capablenesss, cognition, and abilities that can be used in some manner to assist run into client 's end. The strengths position is a assisting procedure during the initial contact where societal worker in coaction with the client will place ends. The appraisal and intercession are focus on the clients ' demands and aspiration

because each human being has the capacity for growing and alteration.

Strengths Perspective is an attack to understanding Gerald in footings of his strengths, abilities, motives, cognition and available resources. ( Guo & A ; Tsui, 2010 ) This besides can give you an thought how Gerald, who experienced many events in his life was able to get the better of his obstructions. ( Robbins et al. , 2012 ) They besides talk about the bravery an person may hold. Strengths Perspective focuses on the societal environment as holding many resources that can assist persons overcome obstructions. Peoples have the ability to larn, turn and alter.

In Strength Perspective, you look at Gerald 's available resources. Gerald graduated out of high school. He attended church every Sunday and participated in many athleticss and activities during school and church. His household can be considered a group strength, they provided the support he needed turning up and while he was in the military ( Zastrow & A ; Kirst-Ashman, 2010 ) . His household saw him travel off to the armed forces. Even though his female parent was n't at that place, she finally accepted him enlisted in the Marine. She help Gerald salvage money while he was on responsibility.

The theory explains how certain events can supply chances in the hereafter. He enlisted and served eight old ages. That provided him the opportunity to acquire certified as a Respiratory Technician. He besides receives a pension from the military and gets wellness benefits. He has the chance to use the services the Veteran Administration ( VA ) has available.

Grief & A ; Loss Theory

We all have experience some type of lost in our lives and we all grieve otherwise. It can depend on the strength of the grieving procedure. It is normal to sorrow when there is a loss. The person will necessitate to set to their environment cognizing the fact that the individual will no longer be present.

Kubler-Ross 's ( 1997 ) five phases of heartache theoretical account is used as a theoretical account for assisting deceasing patients to get by with decease and mourning, nevertheless the construct can besides supply penetration and counsel for coming to footings with personal injury and alteration. It besides helps others with emotional accommodation and header. I like utilizing this theory for those who have experience personal loss of love 1s.

The theoretical account recognizes that people have to go through through their ain single journey of coming to footings with loss of love 1s and where persons accept what is world, which will assist the individual to get by. Persons may see Kubler-Ross five phases of heartache theoretical account and non everyone experience all phases ( Zastrow, C. , & A ; Kirst-Ashman, K. K. 2012 ) .

As Gerald got older he lost relations that he was close to, his female parent, brother and a sister. It is natural that as grownups get older, we will see our ain older household members go throughing. The hardest thing in my sentiment is a parent losing a kid. Gerald out of the blue lost his boy. His boy passed off

when his boy was merely 34 old ages old.

Phase two, Rage and Anger, is where persons feel angry. When there is a sudden loss, persons ask why this has happened. Gerald 's boy died out of the blue and his initial reaction was anger. Persons can turn their choler toward the lost love ( Walter, 2009 ) He was angry that his boy did n't acquire his life together.

Phase five, Acceptance, the person has accepted the loss and now begins to get by with the loss, this will assist the single minimise the impact of the loss ( Zastrow, C. , & A ; Kirst-Ashman, K. K. 2012 ) . If they ca n't acquire to this phase the person has a opportunity of developing depression. It is of import for single to make this phase in order to hold a healthy hereafter.

There is besides the fact the clip it takes for person to sorrow for a lost love 1. As I spoke to him about the grieving procedure, he explained that what helps him sorrow was clip. There are things that will remind the person of the loss ( Zastrow, C. , & A ; Kirst-Ashman, K. K. 2012 ) . He said he still has images of his boy and that he on occasion looks at them. When he does look at the image of his boy, he thinks back to his conversations that he had with him. He besides remembers how he would play hoops with him.


As I interviewed my older grownup, I learned the assorted theories that can be applied to the person. It gives me a clear image on how of import it is to understand constructs of the ecological position every bit good as that of systems theory. The constructs mentioned when applied give me a better apprehension of the person 's environment every bit good as hazard factors to look for.

I can see how single develop their personality but at the same clip how it relates to the parent. They model some of the behaviours of their parents. His love for music and go toing church are merely some illustrations. I can see how his early childhood experience influence the determinations he has made as an early grownup and even as an older grownup.

When I foremost met the person I ne'er thought that he was his age. He is 75 old ages old but he looks close to 65. He takes good attention of himself and moves about like he is a adolescent. He has so much energy. He insists on maintaining himself busy. I was worried that he would non open up to me but as the conversation continued he spoke more about his life. I believed I would hold received more information but due to his married woman working for the school territory he still hesitated a small when I asked more personal inquiries. I noticed that when he was n't on his guard he open up more than he wanted to. This shows me how even as clients they may experience loath to speak about their personal lives and we

as societal workers need to be sensitive to their feelings. The interview gave me penetration to how societal workers work with single in a clinical position. Looking at the spots of pieces of the clients overall development.

As societal workers, we have to assist clients to place their jobs. We find solutions and supply schemes to assist clients turn to their jobs. We help clients happen resources and as advocators or militants, we fight for the client 's rights because we are focused in societal justness. We look at theories to assist us assist clients in different ways. I have a strong desire to back up others. I might non be able to alter the universe, but as a generalist societal worker, I can steer people to happen their strengths and resources to better their lives. We help clients better their abilities to work out their jobs utilizing the resources that are available within their environment.