The Individual and the Corporation: Kathy Levinson Essay Example
The Individual and the Corporation: Kathy Levinson Essay Example

The Individual and the Corporation: Kathy Levinson Essay Example

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  • Published: June 8, 2018
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She did not have to lead the way on this particular campaign- she had already earned her spot in “history”. Conclusion Ultimately, Kathy and Jennifer Levinson decided to make a large financial contribution to the No on Knight Campaign for $300,000. It was the largest single private contribution received by the campaign and attracted a good deal of media attention in the California press. That was the extent of her involvement, however, for this particular endeavor. She was asked several times but declined to speak public about her beliefs on gay marriage in reference to prop 22. Lee, 2000) The ballot initiative was voted down in March of 2000. Less the one-month later, Kathy and Jennifer Levinson publicly announced their separation. It became a very heated, public battle and one still referenced in gay marriage in


itiative. “The irony, of course, is that one of the best arguments for gay people's freedom to marry is divorce," At best," says Suzanne Goldberg, an assistant professor of law at Rutgers University in New Jersey and a family law expert, "the law treats a same-sex breakup as a business deal between two people about property.

It is highly dependent on whatever separation agreement the couple may have. It is done without the complex background rules of divorce, which take into account the context of sacrifices and decisions two people make as a family unit. Divorce rules have evolved to ensure the partner in the weaker financial position is not left penniless. But when gay and lesbian couples separate, it boils down to who holds the purse strings. " (Dahir, 2001) Kathy moved forward with her two children. Following

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her retirement from E*Trade in September of 2000 Kathy met and became involved with Naomi Fine.

Kathy sited her desire to pursue philanthropic and community service interests. (Fondo, 2000) The two have had a committed relationship since and were actively involved in the very public Prop 8 battle in California- again addressing gay marriage. In her own words, Kathy Levinson feels: “Denying us the right to marry is to discriminate against us, and our love and our commitment to one another. Though we make our home and create a family together for our children, we must pause when we travel and are handed an immigration form-are we one family? And what box should we check on the form when the choice is "married or single"?

To be safe, we carry around our healthcare power of attorney forms wherever we go, to ensure that we will be allowed to make medical decisions for one another if needed. We challenge our lawyers and accountants, at great financial cost to us, to make sure that, as we enter our retirement years, we have completed the necessary legal documents to financially protect the surviving partner, children, and our assets. We want to be married under the laws of the state of California so that our loving commitment to one another and to our family is witnessed and recognized here and anywhere we may go.

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