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I. Title

Jack McCall is a book agent working in a company. One twenty-four hours he propose to sell a book that will be written by Dr. Sinja a religous leader who is popular to many people for his instructions and mending. Jack visit on of Sessionss of Dr. Sinja while he is chew overing he move like he sees the blue pearl but he doesn’t he merely move like that doesn’t have knowledge about the bluish pearl. he merely do it so he can speak and negociate to Dr. Sinja about composing a book for him to sell. While they are speaking Jack saw a tree called Bodhi at Sinja’s backyard he touch and have a abrasion. stating that the tree bite him afterwards Dr. Sinja agree to compose a book to be publish for Jack and to the company he works. On the other manus Caroline talk to Jack about purchasing and reassigning to a new house but Jack diminution and suggest that to merely restitute a room for Tyler but Caroline gets huffy so a temblor occurs but really a tree same as at Dr. Sanji’s topographic point appear at Jacks yard. non cognizing why it happens.

The book written by Dr. Sinja is delivered to Jack and his secretary Aaron inquiry him if he read the book but Jack doesn’t read a whole book merely looking a the first words of the first and last pages of it. but so Aaron inform him that it’s merely five pages and he demo it to Jack. He hastily goes to Dr. Sinja and inquire why it is merely five pages Sinja said that it’s a drumhead. He besides said that Sinja sent him a tree but Sinja doesn’t so he takes a expression at it. At Jack’s yard Sinja observe the tree and state Jack that every clip he speak the tree leaves fall that Jack and the tree is connected and when all the foliages fall he will decease as the trees. Jack doesn’t believe it at first but afterwards he conserve his words have a difficult clip covering with his work and every bit good as to his married woman in consequence he lose his occupation and he lose his household.

He lost hopes Sinja doesn’t know what to make but he gives him a pieces of advices. He got drank play a cadmium and sing a vocal makes all the foliages few. When he awakes he see his ma and he said that he love his ma and adieu. he visit Caroline and Tyler he said that “you. me. we. infinity and so go forth. He visit his father’s grave and said “I forgive you” . so the staying leaves gone he died but he return to life once more he got a call from Aaron told him that all the foliages are back.

After what happen Jack decided to compose a book named “A thousand words” do his yesteryear company which he works publish it as Aaron have his past place in the company and moving like Jack’s character before so a tree same as Bodhi tree was delivered to him. Jack bring Caroline and Tyler to the place Caroline what to lived in and state Caroline that he have the house and purchase it for them. Then Tyler talk copying Jack Stating “boom. roar. roar Jack and Caroline became a batch happier.

THE End. III. Cast


The chief character of narrative he talks a batch many of it are non sense or out of the subject while pass oning. He doesn’t accept any sentiments and doesn’t read books to the full merely at the first words of the first and last pages at first but in the terminal he alteration. He is the male parent of Tyler and the hubby of Caroline. He hates his male parent for go forthing him and his female parent.

The married woman of Jack and female parent of Tyler. She loves Jack so much as to his boy.
The babe of Jack and Caroline.
Mother of Jack. she’s at the place for the elderly. she call Jack as Raymond but Raymond is her hubby Jack’s male parent.
He is a spiritual leader. holistic leader. and a new age dispenser of wisdom. The individual who gives advice to Jack McCall. Jack’s mark of him being as a book agent.

IV. Subject

The narrative is about loving our household and on forgiving person/s that do severely to you. Accepting sentiments and don’t be self-minded. Rerouting the way of those individual who are non in the right way.

V. Setting

Set at the modern age. at United States of America. Mood of recognizing all things even the little are really of import to you

VI. Prefiguration
* The beginning of the film says interprets that Jack will decease of he talk a sentence. * Jack’s attitude on how he handles things intending that he is a self-minded. * Jack and Caroline had a arguement which consequences in Caroline leave their house with their boy. * Jack won’t talk so he can’t discuss things clearly to those individual he communicates. * A squirrel ascent up the bodhi tree Jack is tickled. * They smoke the bodhi tree as Jack became insane.

* The beginning is the mere stoping of the narrative.
* The attitude and character of Jack in the first parts of the narrative and the attitude and character of him after all the foliages fall
VIII. Symbolism
* The Bodhi tree
Representing Jacks whole being and his life
* The book of thousand life
Jack’s book stand foring the rubric of the film.

IX. Universality
The film is dateless everyone can associate to it. Everyone knows and can associate what is go oning in the film. It gives moral lessons which are applicable to one and all. Applicable all the clip whether any age a individual is because it gives lessons for our day-to-day life

The move has a comedy subject for Eddie Murphy is the chief character. When the narrative flow is drama after second/s Eddie Murphy will move in a amusing manner which changes the temper even he is in difficult state of affairs and doesn’t know what to make. The narrative has a alone narrative toast is linking a tree including all its portion to a human being. that when the tree die the homo will besides decease but in contrary it gives lesson to the homo to speak lone words or sentence straight to the point and related to the subject and non enticing anyone.

The film gives many moral lessons one is give importance to our household. no 1 can replace them even they are ill still that is your household. bind between household is unaccountable. Two even a leader either member or a common citizen must give importance to every individual thing around us. or we have. Accept sentiments of others for it can assist and alter us. Don’t talk bunk and enticement anyone for it have a karma in return. Forgive person/s even you hate them a batch because concealing hatred or choler in your bosom turns you to another you. Don’t be cruel.

The film is so immenseit gives many moral lessons to the viewing audiences including me. They connect the faith Buddhism to the film demoing the tree where Buddha meditates when he is alive. The film shows a personification between a tree which non truly traveling and to a human being which he controls his ain life. I love Eddie Murphy’s films because most of it is inspirational. I get many lessons in life from the film which I can use to world.


II. Title
“Feng Shui” by Chito S. Rono
Joy and her household moved to a new place for her to avoid her mother-in-law. it’s clip for a new beginning to get down a new opportunity. new hope. She feels that they were truly a household that times even his hubby work on his will without teaching about. One twenty-four hours while joy is siting a coach the adult male beside him bury a thing wrap in a newspaper she hastily call the adult male to give it but she lost the adult male so she decide to purchase place the ba-gua but she stop at a bakeshop and purchase some bread the proprietor of the bakeshop expression into the mirror of the ba-gua. She go home siting a trike but the driver Mang Nelson travel back to Joy’s house because he bury a transcribed goods and her ba-gua he even look at it. Joy at her office he additions many new recruits to fall in their company holding a committee of 200. 000 and his hubby besides acquire a committee his occupation of a 100. 000.

Joy even won a lottery in a supermarket while she was in shopping. She hammers the ba-gua to their back door. oculus degree. . . afterwards she see a guard looking into it. Joy receive many fortune but she figured that many had died the bakeshop proprietor. the guard. the existent proprietor of the ba-gua. etc. so he consult her friend Thelma about it she help her and they even go to a Feng Shui expert tell a narrative and subsequently on he give a solution to stop the expletive. Her hubby had a matter to Dina and he was killed by the hubby of Dina. Louie. She got lucky that she was non killed but in return his friend Thelma. her boy Denton and her girl Ingrid died in a accident by holding a warning of demoing their twelvemonth animate being in feng shui.

Joy go place so a attorney came offering her a hard currency in exchange of the Ba-gua but she refuse because the feng shui expert Hsui Liao told her that she must decline a fortune so interrupt the ba-gua to interrupt the expletive. Subsequently on Thelma and her kids came as if they were alive but Joy didn’t notice it. She asks his kids to wash-up and she show Thelma the broken ba-gua but after that her boy told him that they died to the accident they told before. Joy leave their house but a new comer at the forepart of their house came a two miss see and pick the ba-gua and demo it to their parents

III. Cast

* Kris Aquino as Joy Ramirez ( chief character )
* Jay Manalo as Inton Ramirez ( hubby of Joy )
* John Vladimir Manalo as Denton Ramirez ( boy of Joy )
* Julianne Gomez as Ingrid Ramirez ( girl of Joy )
* Lotlot de Leon as Alice ( Joy’s bestfriend )
* Ilonah Jeav as Thelma ( Joy’s bestfriend )
* Ernesto Sto. Tomas as Billy ( Denton’s friend )
* Daria Ramirez as female parent of Inton

IV. Subject
The narrative is concebtrated to horror. but it shows household relationship on how a female parent love and think of the safety of his household as besides to his friends.

V. Setting
It is set in many topographic points at Joy’s house where most of the scene is taken. At Joy’s work topographic point. at the house of Billy. at the condominium of Dina. at the infirmary. etc.

VI. Prefiguration
* The minutes that they see their twelvemonth animal harmonizing to fens shui. they will decease or they die sing it. * When Joy receives a new fortune in return it hints that another individual will decease.


* When joy’s married woman is demoing good workss in contrast he is aching Joy and
he is merely loveable to her because he is holding matter.
* Another is when joy receives luck another individual having bad fortune in their love.

VIII. Symbolism
* Ba-gua
-As the symbol of for those who look into it they will decease but the proprietor of it will have fortune.

IX. Universality
The film is can non be applied to the whole universe for they may non acquire the significance of those deceases particularly if they doesn’t have a information or a individual item about ba-gua. Many people won’t believe it for we have many faith and Chinese have Taoism or communism faith. Some of the faiths around the universe don’t have the same belief as others. The film has a linguistic communication of Filipino which other people doesn’t understand.

The film shows a narrative about Chinese on what they believe towards ba-gua. on what it give and take. The narrative besides says that some or most of fortune that are received in non right mode have a bad things or punishment in return.


The film gives a lesson on how we take care our household that most of the clip we think foremost our household alternatively of believing our ain ego foremost and that is a unaccountable ground. The narrative besides gives item on holding a fortune by believing Feng Shui many Filipino are now hooked to it now a yearss. even other nationality ore believing it.


Feng shui is directed decently in a alone manner but it doesn’t frighten me at all. Some inside informations are marked to me like those ba-gua scenes. lotus pess looking. and those focus scenes to Kris but it has no permanent impact. Actually foreign horror films are more trilling to me than those locals I don’t know why but possibly because it was made more creatively and more realistic. Despite of it I praise the manager. author and the dramatis personae for presenting the right feelings on what the film want to state to the people. I thank the film for educating me about ba-gua for what it truly symbolizes.

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