Unthinkable Movie Analysis Essay Example
Unthinkable Movie Analysis Essay Example

Unthinkable Movie Analysis Essay Example

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  • Published: September 10, 2017
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Summary: Unthinkable is directed by Gregory Jordan released in June 2010,the movie is about a terrorist who detonate 3 nuclear bombs in 3 cities of America . The person who detonate 3 nuclear bombs is detained by FBI and Army of United States and was tortured by them in order to tell them where he planted those 3 nuclear bombs and... Cast: Samuel L. Jackson: 'H' is his pseudonym, he is a black-ops officer assigned to interrogate Hussy ,he is professional in torturing and getting information from convict.

Michael Sheen:Steven Arthur Younger is an American who convert to Islam ND name himself Hussy Data Mohammed ,he was a delta force operator and served in Iraq , he is the one who planet nuclear bombs in 3 cities of United States. Carrie- Anne Moss - Helen Broody , s


he is special agent who is the leader of an FBI counter- terrorism team assigned to interrogate Hussy she is psychologist and believe that torturing doesn't work and in the movie she argue with "H" for not torturing Hussy. 0 Brandon Route - Special Agent DC Jackson is a member of the FBI diamagnetism to interrogate Hussy.

Bonito Martinez - Olivarez, he is assistant of 'H' for Interrogation. Martin Donovan - Assistant Director in Charge Jack Saunders, he FBI Los Angles Division director who assigns the interrogation. Nectar Cadenza - Johan Younger, she is Hussy's wife Holmes Osborne - General Paulson, he is the Army General who leads the interrogation. Review The movie Start with a person is making a video tape who says: " My name is Hussy Data Mohammed my former name is Steven Arthur

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Younger Tuesday : FBI agents talk about some people who are suspicious for being terrorists . Nee of FBI agent watches a TV news on Hussy Data Mohammed and says that he is extremely dangerous and Helen Broody said who released it ?. Afterward an agent gives Helen Broody a on Harold. Helen Broody ask for the file of Steven Arthur Younger the surveillance agent says no Current address, no record ,no history of Extremist he continues that he served Us Army and his military file must be classified .

Assistant Director Jack Saunders (Martin Donovan) orders Broody to round up all terror suspects and their families, due to high priority matters Helen Broody replies : there are hundreds of people we don't have manpower to do that but Jack Saunders says : we are getting them as many agents as we want, we need to find this guy and those places. H attaches Agents are approaching his house on surveillance camera he send his kids to bed he then call to Charles Thompson and inform him that his family cover has been blown and tell him that he needs to relocate them ( him and his family) immediately.

Thompson Calls Broody and tells her that the H file was sent her by mistake and she has to withdraw her agents , H is very dangerous person and you must not approach him them and DC goes to H 's house and they see two other agents are detained by H . They take H to the Investigation office for questioning . Broody tell H that he kidnapped and detained two federal agent-you admit to

that right? H says " that they came to my house and my children were their I could kill them. Saunders and Thompson barge in and release H. After that Thompson says that H is target and he thought your guys are killer, Additionally, the agency will be moved to a centralized command facility of an undisclosed location.. Wednesday: FBI agents Broody Vincent and DC arrives they were greeted by sergeant and General Paulson who leads operation their tells Broody that she should help him with investigative duties under his command and inform her that the president has the authority to use armed forces to suppress any insurrection, unlawful combination and conspiracy . H and Thompson arrive .

Saunders plays Hussy's video tape ,Hussy has a bomb on background Hussy says that " I have placed 3 bomb all bombs are identical all three are in urban areas and are nuclear bombs I have demand which will be met by you or these bombs will explode. He shows all three bombs in their cities and plans to start detonation on Friday 21st at noon Pacific time, which is in four days. Hussy is is a former career military specialist and specialized in field nuclear weapon and served n Iraq he is fluent in Fairs as well as Arabic and has had dealings with Iran.

The terrorist has already been arrested after volunteering himself up at a mall, the team walks on to the interrogation where the prisoner is in , H goes inside interrogation room and start beating guard and the soldier detain him , Broody tells him the situation is illegal and dry him

off but terrorist says that you will find that it is legal and necessary in the war on terror afterward Broody and Saunders start arguing outsides. Broody says the information which he gives are probably unreliable , enders says that the director 's office has ordered us to assist military wherever possible.

In the next day Broody holds a meeting with the team, Broody goes to H 's cell and talk to him about torturing but H believes Younger know all about these techniques and it is not going to work on him. General Paulson and Thompson arrives and tell H to engage in investigation but H wants Broody to work with him. H and rest of teams go inside the investigative room and the general ask other observers to get out and H ask for his equipment ,he ask Younger that where are the 3 bombs ,Youngster's arm is secured and H starts chopping off his fingers.

Olivarez places a plastic bag over Youngster's head , Broody is doesn't want this kind of investigation and she ask Thomson to stop it , H again go inside investigation room and cuts a hole in plastic so Younger can breathe, He then rips the bag open, All your worries and fears, all your nightmares, are right here. " H takes a knife to Youngster's penis. Broody tells Thompson that he ( Younger is an American citizen but Thompson says " it has been revoked yesterday he is stateless .

Broody visits Saunders, who tells her that they'll be able to hold the military accountable down the line for inhumane treatment f Younger, but finding the bombs

is priority right now. H beats Younger, In the bathroom, Broody and H discuss the merits of physical torture. He gives her the opportunity to question Younger. She tries to elicit Youngster's sympathies in order to find the location of one bomb, but it doesn't work. H recommences his torture. "The winner gets to take the moral high ground, because they get to write the history books.

The loser: Just loses. " He spits in his face. H says that he has to believe that H has no limits . Broody says you are not even asking questions . Broody goes to the room ND tells Younger that we are going to find these bombs anyway , she talks to him about his friends family to convince show them those bombs and inform him that your wife 's visa for Saudi Arabia has denied she ask for proof and tell him that he should to prove it by telling her a bomb 's location,H enter the room and start electrifying him .

Thursday: H is torturing Younger , the army officer calls H "your wife is her" He's Bosnian wife shows up for lunch. H tells Broody to wait for the adrenaline to wear off Younger before she approaches him. He hands her a device to shock him if he falls sleep, but she says she won't use it. I'm a prisoner here myself. Ask the CIA," H tells her before leaving. Thompson tells Broody that H has done some bad thing people are looking for him, Younger falls asleep and Kernighan administers the shock, which he's unable to stop due to a technical glitch

devised by H, until it short-circuits.

She finds H and complains, before having a conversation with Rain. Rain shares her horrendous Bosnian back story. There is team 's meeting , they have caught Younger 's wife and the 2 truck which Younger rented them for transporting is found but never return the trucks. Broody begins to make educated guesses as to where the bombs are. H has cut Younger 's five finger , Broody Enter the investigative room, H plays some classical music and has Broody give Younger a massage.

He explains that Rain is a nurse who killed her captors, as well as their wives and children ,the Terrorist says that he want to make statement of his terms , he call President of United states that he will their location if he make public announcement first no financial support will be given to poppet regimes in any Islamic country second all us Amy forces will be withdrawn from all Islamic countries . The old man who is leader of investigation says that he is not going to call stairs to tell president to change centuries 's worth of Middle east policy Just because a person made a video.

Broody goes to talk with Younger and tell him that no one know that he is there and he can be free if he reveal the bombs locations but H says that he wanted to be here he knew what we would do to him . In the communications room, the team watch video footage of Younger, who appears like he wanted to be caught. They discuss whether or not the bombs exist and if

this was all a ploy by Younger to make a point about torture techniques. Broody arrives in the interrogation room and tells H he can put the drill down that he was using on Youngster's teeth. She tries to get him to fess up a bomb location again by playing good cop. Can't you see you've already won. You've proved that we're exactly the kind of people we say we aren't. Look what they did to you. You are the bravest man I know, but it's over now. There's no proof. There are no bombs, are there? " He confesses that there weren't any bombs. She writes down on a piece of paper where she thinks the bombs are, and he nods his head. The team arrive at the location, but Broody and Vincent suspect that the building might be booby-trapped. Broody says that terrorist wants us here why? On the roof, they find Youngster's picture.

Someone pulls the picture off and it sets Off bomb in a shopping mall killing 53 people. Broody returns and yells at Younger she tells him how you could do this ? Younger tell her you wanted proof, she tells him fifty three people lost their lives , She takes a knife to Youngster's chest. Winston takes the knife for her. Friday: DC and Vincent think they've detected a bomb in Dallas set to explode in three hours they think it is real it is nuclear . In the interrogation room, H expresses his doubts that Younger may not crack. Broody has to negotiate with Youngster's wife Johan who they bring in to see her husband.

She says that

she wants to meet her children ,Broody tell Johan that she is in serious trouble but Johan says that they know nothing about the bombs. H tells Johan to ask her husband where the bombs are H is ready to take a knife to Younger, but slices his wife to death instead. Later, H is informed that government officials have been evacuated to nuclear shelters. Broody finally tells H, "Just do what you have to do, He says what he has to do is unthinkable , Broody says over her dead body but H says that he is not going to harm them he Just want him ( Younger ) to see them but he has to believe I will tell us everything we want.

Now Younger 's children are in interrogation room and younger and others are Just observing H informs the team that he is going to continue with the torture, despite promising earlier that he wouldn't harm them, because he believes there are more bombs Younger is hiding. They break into the interrogation room, subdue loose cannon H and confiscate the kids. Broody chews Thompson out. H tells everyone that there is a fourth bomb. "Can't you bucking count? Four-and-a-half times three is thirteen-and-a-half, times four, is eighteen. " Kernighan orders the children back into the room. H orders

Broody to retrieve them. Broody, ever the voice of conscience, says this all must stop. H unties Younger: Mimi can't prosecute a man with no fingernails. " Kernighan draws a gun on him and tells H that they have his children. Younger grabs keystone cop Jerkiness's gun and pulls it out on everyone

and tells Broody to look after his children then he commit suicide. Kernighan informs everyone that Younger and his family never existed. Okay. Hot Austin Nichols as a bomb disposal expert types something into an Excel spreadsheet and disarms one of the bombs. There is another hidden bomb, counts down to zero.

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