Categories of Computer Crime Persuasive Essay Example
Categories of Computer Crime Persuasive Essay Example

Categories of Computer Crime Persuasive Essay Example

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  • Published: December 22, 2017
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Disgruntled employees are a large percentage of companies' monetary losses due to altered, damaged, stolen files or even embezzlement. "Unlawful access to criminal Justice and other government records Is another crime that targets the computer directly. This crime covers changing a criminal history; modifying wants and warrant information; creating a driver's license, passport, or another document for identification purposes; changing tax records; or gaining access to Intelligence files (Carter, D. N. D. ). " There are some vandals or "hackers" that violate computer systems for the thrill or Just to see If It Is possible.

These crimes cost us all in the end by having to fix the damage or just by having to upgrade our protection. "One of the best examples of a crime in which the computer is the target can be


found in the book The Cuckoo's Egg by Cliff Stool. It Is the true story off hacker from Hanover, Germany, who Infiltrated a number of computers in the united States. Includes those of universities, the military, and government contractors. The hacker attempted to locate and steal national security information in order to sell it to I OFF (Carter, D. N. D. ). " Where some criminals target your computer, others will use their imputer to target you.

Theft of your money or your private information is a big concern in today's high tech society. Everyone has gotten at least one email from the Nigerian bank scheme, in return for your bank information and social security number you will receive millions in your bank account. This fraud happens every day (Taylor, R. W. 2010). Cyber stalking, social network harassment, email harassment,

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and cyber bullying are all new ways of doing an old practice. When the computer is incidental to a crime it means the crime will occur but by using computer technology it helps commit the crime faster and easier. The computer aids the criminal.

These kinds of crimes can include money laundering, banking transactions, organized crime records, drug deals, and child pornography. "In one case, a suspect committed murder by changing a patient's medication information and dosage in a hospital computer (Carter, D. N. D. ). " Crime associated with the prevalence of computers is present because of technology. Piracy is the most well known. Illegal downloading of software, music, books, games, and movies cost the industry a lot of money. The technology of today makes all of these things easily available which twenty years ago as not available or a problem.

There are many torrent sites online that are available to download any game, software, or book you want. Using a computer as a target could pose the biggest threat because of the information that could be exposed. Our military could become vulnerable to other countries if our information were to be intercepted by anyone wanting to do to harm to the U. S. Our infrastructure could be damaged if computers were used to damage our nuclear plants, water systems, and telecommunication systems. Our country would become vulnerable to terrorism.

The agencies in our county working together and sharing information can improve our security from computer crimes. Researching the FBI website, I have found many ways the FBI is trying to combat cybercafé. The FBI has developed a cyber division to address cyber crime.

They have specially trained cyber squads in all of their field offices. Newly developed cyber action teams travel around the world on a moment's notice to assist in computer intrusion cases" and that "gather vital intelligence that helps us identify the cyber crimes that are most dangerous to our national security and to our economy.

There are 93 task forces for computer crime nationwide to assist state, local, and federal agencies. The FBI partners with other agencies including the Department of Defense and the Department of Homeland Security to fight computer crimes together. (FBI -? Computer Intrusions. (n. D. ). The court system needs harsher penalties for crimes involving fraud, theft, harassment, and stalking involving computers. No plea bargaining should be allowed. The local police should have a task force available for these types of crimes and treat them equal to other crimes.

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