Medieval Universities Essay Example
Medieval Universities Essay Example

Medieval Universities Essay Example

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  • Published: September 21, 2017
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The English universities were one of the most important creative activities of Medieval England. The bookmans who attended eitherOxford or Cambridge Universities set an rational criterion that contrasted markedly with the norm of Medieval England. Oxford University came into being some 20 old ages before Cambridge University. The church had a major impact at Oxford. The town came within the bishopric of Lincoln. yet Oxford had its ain archdeaconry. It was the input of the church that led to the first recorded student/university authorization clang at Oxford.

The universities led to major growing in both Oxford and Cambridge as towns and both became of import Centres. No-one is quite certain why Oxford was chosen as the town for England’s first university – nevertheless. the town had a figure of distinguishable advantages. Oxford was the


Centre of communications within its part and both royalty and foreign bookmans often visited the town. There were besides many spiritual houses/centres around the town and the agricultural land was rich and farming did good at this clip.

Oxford was considered to be in a civilized portion of England – it was near to London and acquiring to Europe was non needfully a major journey. Oxford besides held strategic importance. which led to the edifice of a palace at that place. In 1167. a wrangle between Henry II and Thomas Becket led to a impermanent prohibition on English bookmans traveling to analyze in France. For whatever ground. bookmans and faculty members gathered in Oxford to go on with their work – 50 of them. As journeying to the university in Paris was non allowed. more bookmans and faculty members arrived in Oxford.

Sometime after

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1167 Giraldus Cambrensis visited Oxford and started learning at that place. He taught three times a twenty-four hours. He took hapless pupils for talks ; he so taught faculty members from different modules. and in conclusion he taught knights and the likes. His patronage became larger than the ‘normal’ monk or cathedral school. In 1180. Prior Philip of St. Frieswade. Oxford. recorded that a bookman had left his household in York to analyze at Oxford. Within twelve old ages. the importance of a good instruction was clearly holding an impact.

In 1192. Richard of Devizes wrote “Oxonia vix suos clericos. non dico satiat. sed sustenat. ”| Richard was fundamentally saying that there were so many bookmans in Oxford that the town could hardly feed them. By 1209. it was estimated that there were 3. 000 pupils in Oxford. It was besides in 1209 that pupils in Oxford started to migrate to Cambridge. This occurred after some pupils killed a adult female in Oxford. At this clip. King John and Pope Innocent III were disputing over a new Archbishop of Canterbury.

Innocent put England under an interdict. With such concerns. John had few ideas for pupils in Oxford. He gave his permission for the executing of three pupils in Oxford involved in the woman’s decease. However. in the hold that took gait. the pupils fled to Reading. Cambridge of Paris. Others followed to Cambridge and by 1284. Peterhouse College was founded. Unlike the great university of its clip – the university in Paris – Oxford was non connected to either a cathedral or a spiritual house.

The Sorbonne was supervised by ecclesiastical work forces while Oxford was supervised by

Masterss. though these were normally in holy orders. Regardless of this. Oxford developed with a grade of practical independency. By the terminal of what is considered to be Medieval England. the undermentioned colleges had been created at Oxford – University College. Balliol. Merton and Exeter. In Cambridge. Peterhouse College was created. Student life in both towns was to transform Oxford and Cambridge. The life style of the pupils was to often convey both universities into struggle with the church.

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