Marketization of Education: An Ethical Dilemma Essay Example
Marketization of Education: An Ethical Dilemma Essay Example

Marketization of Education: An Ethical Dilemma Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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The worthiness of advertising or marketing educational services drew me to this topic of research. Marketing the higher education of learning to get customers or the student to learn in an institution is questionable to whether the organization is business oriented or educational oriented. The key issued I was interested in comprehending out of this is a topic is to gain insight into whether the most advertised degree programs for a particular job market is beneficial academically or not. This comes to my mind since I thought that marketing the educational programs impact on the lives of students negatively because they will lack engagement with meaningful and challenging disclosure that impairs their possibility of becoming engaged and reflective.

The difficulty I faced in carrying out this research is the acquisition of first-hand data. Most of the i


nstitutions were not willing to disclose in-depth information behind the reason of marketing their educational services. I overcome this challenge by finding the primary data from State institutions of higher learning which gave me the required information. I also used the secondary sources from scholarly articles and internet search to perfect my studies. The rationale behind selecting this topic aimed at gaining insight on the standard of education in the institutions of higher learning and to establish the understanding whether advertising educational services lower the standards. I had a stake in this study since my younger brother was lured to the similar circumstance, drowned to the university to do a short cause which frustrated him in the job interview. He was not able to satisfy the Board of the panel to secure the job. The reward I have to obtai

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from engaging in this research issue is again of thorough insight into the dilemma associated with the educational marketing. Now I have full knowledge on the topic and its impact on the educational system.

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