Comparison of United States Education With Other Countries Essay Example
Comparison of United States Education With Other Countries Essay Example

Comparison of United States Education With Other Countries Essay Example

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  • Published: January 20, 2022
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The education system in the united system varies considerably with other countries especially those in Europe. It has fallen back among the developed nations such as china, Finland, Singapore and Japan. In particular, the education system in Finland is strikingly different from that of the United States and it outshines that of the United States. This is true based on a survey by the program for International Student Assessment where American students scored in the middle range on math, reading and science tests at 481, below Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development’s average of 494. Finland scored higher at 519 in the similar test ( The gap clearly explains the discrepancy between the two states. For instance, the education policies of the United States and those of the Finnish have been moving in the opposite directions over the recent years. Public schools in the U.S. preferred st


andardized testing while Finnish schools adopted nationwide tests for teacher, schools and students evaluations rather than bestowing that role to the administrators ( They also base their curricula on critical thinking and problem solving thus encouraging more classroom collaboration.
Another country that has achieved considerable success in the education sector compared to the United States is Canada.

American education system is touted as expensive in comparison to Canada and the funding of education from the two countries varies significantly. The American school districts rely heavily on the property taxes for funding of the schools thus schools from poor districts are disadvantaged than those in wealthy regions. The country does not regard such inequalities as detrimental to school systems and educational development of schools (National Education Association of the United States Research

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Division, 2003). Canada adopts a provincial level funding that has brought significant success to schools in Alberta, British Columbia and Ontario, matching each district’s needs and size with funds.

The differences in the education systems in the United States and those of Finland and Canada explain why the education system in the United States needs to be revisited and developed. More dominant and inclusive policies need to be drafted and implemented equally. The largest obstacle in the United States education system is the policy for improving education by relying on standardized tests, unequal funding and investing in institutional facilities rather than teachers, a strategy that has earned Canada and especially Finland, considerable success.


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