Children’s Difficulties In Reading And Writing
Children’s Difficulties In Reading And Writing

Children’s Difficulties In Reading And Writing

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  • Published: November 10, 2021
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The main point of argument in the article is analysis of how elementary children who are at their lower level of studies face some challenges in mastering the skills which are acquired for the purpose of spelling and writing. There have some reasons as to why most of the children experience a lot of challenges in reading and writing. These challenges involve the background under which the child is grown on. There have lack of literacy reading materials at home which could be used for the development of children skills of reading and writing. Most of the children are lacking motivations which will help them develop positive attitude towards academic work among other unspecified cognitive challenges. Most of the studies have demonstrated systematic decoding instrumental modes which are in training small kids to develop basic principles in understanding literature work based on area of study.

Method used in research

The method used in research of the paper is Orton-Gillingham (O-G) through which this method is used in determination o


f better ways of improving children’s skills of reading and writing to the students who could have some reading or writing challenges.

Author’s conclusions

The conclusions of the writer of the writer is that most of the students who attain better grades such A mostly focus on using OG skills for the first implementations of their first reading skills. The main reason and goal of using this to develop compressive reading skills which will enable students be able improve their vocabulary for better grammatical approach.

Future directions

The future steps which will be considered to make sure that children come out of their lower level with required skills is implementation of basic skills which will be able help them understand them self based on their capability of understanding literacy work and how they can apply them in their daily basis.


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