After high school, I have many plans for my future. My immediate plan is to attend college and pursue a degree in business management or finance. This will give me the skills necessary to become a successful entrepreneur or financial analyst. I also plan on furthering my education by attending graduate school and possibly earning an advanced degree in international relations or political science. In addition to my academic pursuits, I hope to spend time traveling abroad. In particular, I would like to travel through Europe and visit some of the more famous historical sites such as the Acropolis of Athens and Stonehenge. Visiting different countries will broaden my horizons and allow me to experience different cultures first hand which will be invaluable in my professional life down the road. I am also passionate about giving back so volunteering with local organizations is something that appeals greatly to me. Whether it’s helping out at a shelter for homeless individuals or working with underprivileged children, being able to make even just a small difference in someone else’s life brings tremendous satisfaction for me personally as well as providing an opportunity for growth professionally speaking since these activities often involve interacting with people from diverse backgrounds which broadens one’s perspectives on life significantly. Finally, I plan on finding ways to contribute positively towards society at large by engaging in activities such as writing articles related to topics that are important but not often discussed enough in mainstream media outlets; participating in demonstrations advocating greater environmental awareness; mentoring young students who are interested in making their mark on this world; creating campaigns designed at raising funds for charities focused on promoting animal rights initiatives – all of these things provide immense personal gratification while simultaneously benefiting those around us collectively too.

Human Behavior and Social Development Essay Example
2758 words 11 pages

Human behavior refers to the collection of every physical observable emotion and action associated with the individuals and human race as whole (Greene, 2008). Although, specific characteristics of temperament and one’s personality may be more dependable, other behaviors will have to change as an individual moves from birth to adulthood. On the other hand, social […]

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Human Development Plans after High School
Childhood Poverty in Dallas and Its Solution Essay Example
1768 words 7 pages

Despite overwhelming efforts by the U.S government to fight poverty, some cities still lag behind with some reporting a larger number of people living below the poverty line. However, cities like Dallas have outdone others in poverty ranking. In the U.S, policy analysts define poverty in terms of age with the largest age bracket living […]

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Plans after High School Teenage Pregnancy
Importance of The Discipline of Time Essay Example
1406 words 6 pages

Time management refers to the techniques and strategies that people use in utilizing and maximizing the job that they do. Managing time very well helps to develop a better personality in school or an organization.Time discipline is an essential component in people’s daily lives. It helps people to keep track of the time they spend […]

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Plans after High School
Main Themes in The Merchants of Cool Essay Example
415 words 2 pages

According to conflict perspectives, community gatherings are constantly vying for control over scarce resources. The film provides several examples of these gatherings, specifically highlighting the competition between the media and young people in their quest for control over what is considered cool. Young individuals often strive to be innovators, which enables them to stand out […]

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Media Analysis Plans after High School
Knowledge Management Analysis of AALL Educational Organization Essay Example
3152 words 12 pages

Knowledge management is referred to as the orderly management of an organization’s knowledge assets with the aim of making value plus meeting planned as well as strategic requirements. This comprises of the strategies, initiatives, systems, and processes that maintain and improve the storage sharing, evaluation, generation, and improvement of knowledge (Liebowitz, 2001). Knowledge management entails […]

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Plans after High School
Career Planning, Goals and Development Essay Example
2018 words 8 pages

Following the recent events in the business, which involves the organization setting up a new office in the neighboring state, the Human Resource department has come up with a list of key positions to be filled, and the procedure for the selection of the new employees to fill intended positions. In any given organization, recruitment […]

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Plans after High School
Self-Efficacy Theory and its Application Essay Example
1933 words 8 pages

The self-efficacy theory is a theory that describes the belief of someone being capable of performing a given task as it is required and expected. Therefore, this is an approach that mainly deals with the kind of motivation behind a particular behavior or how an individual acts. Self-efficacy theory determines the efficiency of a person […]

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Plans after High School
Concept of Educational Technology Manager Essay Example
1360 words 5 pages

Choosing the most qualified individual is essential when it comes to being an educational technology manager for a school. This role presents numerous challenges. The role of an educational technology manager is to provide guidance in the field of technology, including establishing a vision for teachers and students concerning its implementation. It is crucial for […]

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Plans after High School
Career Plans and Goals Essay Example
1466 words 6 pages

In essence, the ability to operate with the end in mind is very critical; this assertion underlines the importance of developing a career plan (Floyd, 2011). To this end, this report outlines the career plans that I intend to follow as a strive in the hotel management sector. The report is a necessitude due for […]

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Plans after High School
American College of Education Essay Example
1040 words 4 pages

In school improvement initiatives, the administration plays critical roles in monitoring the current situation of the school and coming up with methods to trigger change and propel the school towards the desired direction. Some of the school improvement plans touches on student behavior or administrative support to provision of instructional services, in this area, school […]

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Plans after High School

Popular Questions About Plans after High School

What are the career options after high school?
Accounting, Business, and Leadership management are some of the other popular career choices after high school. Students mainly go for a diploma or degree when they choose these courses. A good thing about these short courses is that there are many government funded courses or programs to support students.
How to prepare for After high school?
A Survival Guide for Life after High SchoolMake a Plan. It's hard to know what to do next if you don't know what you're trying to do. Get Some Help. Set your independent nature aside for a minute. Develop a Dream. Having a job you love is the dream, but you probably won't find it by accident. Figure Out Finances. Find a Place to Live. Take It One Day at a Time. Have Some Fun. Trust Heavenly Father.
What's next After high school?
What To Do After Graduating High School Besides College?Travel. After spending several years in school, there comes a time to have some leisure before joining college.Engage In Charity Work. In case you are looking for what to do after high school, we have some NGO's that operate within your area of interest.Start A Small Business. Read Some Books. Spend Some Time With Your Parents.
How does life change after high school?
11 Ways Your Life Will Change When You Graduate High SchoolYou will begin to feel more like a real adult. Now that you have some freedom and independence, you will begin to feel more like a maturing adult.The world won't seem so small anymore. High school can feel petty at times and once you enter a new environment, you will expand your horizons.School will feel less like a prison.
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