Importance of The Discipline of Time Essay Example
Importance of The Discipline of Time Essay Example

Importance of The Discipline of Time Essay Example

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  • Published: January 19, 2022
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Time management refers to the techniques and strategies that people use in utilizing and maximizing the job that they do. Managing time very well helps to develop a better personality in school or an organization.Time discipline is an essential component in people’s daily lives. It helps people to keep track of the time they spend on every activity. Time management helps in the prioritization and gives importance to work according to their terms. Tracking events are significant to categorize the 24 hours of the day. When time is not spent well, definitely is a waste and cannot be retrieved. Therefore, I always make sure I use my time efficiently. When we adjust on how we utilize our time, we can change the discipline our time concerning time. Proper time organization is something that c


an change our life on a fundamental basis for the better tomorrow.

Many people always face trouble in disciplining themselves when it comes to matters of time because they try to control too many tasks at the same time while others just waste it by doing nothing because of their laziness. As one scholar once said, time is the most available valuable resource in the world but is the one that is most wasted. Many people perform activities which in a real sense have no value to time. For example, in school, some students may decide to sit around and play video games when in the next day they have a paper or assignment to submit. Also, in the working environment, employees can be found sitting around the office games in computers when the hours are meant for productive work.

When I am i

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college, I know it is vital to my academic and social life to design how much time is there for each aspect of my experience. Through engaging in time planning, I am better to be able to structure my daily activities so that I can accomplish my academic goals and after that have time and energy to socialize. When one is disorganized, it becomes easy to be disenchanted with the college experience. In managing my time well, I normally use the calendar the school provides at the beginning of the year and write it down the time allocated for various activities in school. It leads to accomplishment of assignments on and other scheduled activities.

As a student, I have to generate the habit of time utilization more efficient and effectively. It is because I understand that we are the new generation of the developed world and with time discipline character, we will be unstoppable. We can accomplish much in life, therefore; the world will become a better place to stay. Time management is the ability that can be learned, and when done so, it can make life more productive and less stressful. Every person has their own different task assigned that needs to be done differently. The constructive use of time in my view is an aspect of life and much beneficial as one realize its significance and must measure every minute and second’s value. The use of both personal and professional use of time in an appropriate manner is important. Professional, as well as personal objectives and goals, are achieved or unachieved on the way on how one uses their time and skills. The results

of one’s struggles are attributed directly to the time discipline skills that they develop and employ.

As I know that a day consists twenty-four hour period that cannot be changed, I know what I can do is to control how I use my time. This is my first realization step to being useful in my own time management. I see it important in taking stock in what is important in my daily life. Anything which doesn't matter in time management should be eliminated. Developing skills to successfully manage my time will bring forth improvements to my life. I must accept to make fundamental changes. To discipline my time, I have learned to prioritize and take things step by step. Failure always increases when one takes more than what one can handle or when one takes too much at a time.

The discipline of time is crucial in any situation and is a skill that one has to learn since it’s difficult for one to get started. Because time management is a lifestyle, I have decided to change my behaviors of how I perform things and my environment. As time discipline is getting everything done in the selected amount of time, it is a budgeting process of efficient use of the time I have and getting rid of wasted or useless time. I have learned to organize my activities in a sequence that will best utilize my time.

Time management has also taught me to be punctual. Punctuality is the act of doing things at the stipulated or appointed time. It enables one to perform a large amount of job with a short period. It is one of the

characteristics of successful people. An individual who observes time can complete the entire task accorded to him on time. A student, an officer, a politician, a trader and a teacher all have to observe time and be punctual to win the success and glory of life. The discipline of time brings efficiency. It helps one to build his/her career. A person who is time manager commands the confidence and respect of their friends. If we look at the lives of all successful men, we would understand that they had got a time program for every day. A good example is Mahatma Gandhi who used to rise early in the morning and used to keep up appointments and punctual to a minute. Learning punctuality has made me to never miss classes and gets all am taught as I have learned to avoid also destructions because there is time for everything. It has helped me to reach at school on time and completes my assignments within given time.

At workplaces, time management helps a person to make to office in time. When an employee is punctual, it gives a positive signal to the employer. It provides an impression that an employee is severe for the job and the person is much competent of discharging duties in an efficient manner. The person can command respect in the eyes of the colleagues and the employer. Time management is a virtue, it doubly blessed. It conveys efficiency and keeps a person fit and healthy. If one wakes up in the morning and take a walk every day and follow a program of life every day, he/she shall be able to keep

fit and healthy. But if they waver and demonstrate laxity in their daily endeavors, they are bound to meet with failure in life.

The discipline of time helps one to be more efficient. It helps one do more of what have to be done and faster. One becomes more as they know what is important and they do it efficiently, its time is well spent. Time management also increase the energy level of the administrators because proper time management makes mind be organized and unhandled work and unfinished can be completed within the deadline. It enables people to concentrate on the work they have at hand and not to bother with the pending ones. Proper time management also to me gives a piece of mind. This is required for one to live a healthy and disease-free life. Stress and restless are the cause for the lack of peace, and stress makes people think and performs work undesirably. Through learning the discipline of time, one can give themselves and loved ones the much-desired attention and time.

How people use the amount of time available makes all the difference to their lives. People can create a happy family, realize personal goals and grow businesses in the time available too if they change their lifestyle and attitudes. Time Management may sometimes it takes longer period like a year to get their needs and wants to be met. It is an efficient presentation of common sense plans. It requires little effort to stimulate efficient work practices through highlighting the wastage. It also leads to effective time practice through the focus of the chosen activities. Time Management does not solve people’s problems;

instead, it reveals and provides structure on how to implement and observe the solutions.

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