The Service Delivery System and Author’s Perspective Essay Example
The Service Delivery System and Author’s Perspective Essay Example

The Service Delivery System and Author’s Perspective Essay Example

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  • Published: March 25, 2022
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Homelessness is not only a health issue but also a manifestation of economic difficulties. Wyatt-Nichol, Brown, and Haynes (2010) state that policies have been implemented to uphold Equal Protection Rights. In addressing this societal issue, various measures have been taken, as explained by Rosenheck, Resnick, and Morrissey (2003). The service delivery system has been divided to tackle different aspects individually. Mental stability and substance abuse are specifically handled by separate branches within the system in order to collectively address all challenges.

The service system has implemented new strategies for addressing psychiatric health issues, including a separate focus on homeless individuals. However, this division has led to limited effectiveness and potential corruption within the system. Rosenheck, Resnick, and Morrissey (2003) state that communication, cooperation, and trust are crucial factors affecting the outcomes of services for homeless individuals with ps


ychiatric or drug abuse problems. The success of rehabilitative measures relies on the relationship established between agencies and clients. These issues also arise in direct service systems, and the methodology used relies heavily on building relationships.

The purpose of interviews is to uncover the underlying factors and potential impacts of interactions between agencies (both within and between agencies) on the efforts to reduce homelessness and address the challenges that arise as a result of homelessness. Ultimately, the government has implemented policies to tackle homelessness. In the case of individuals with both drug addiction and psychiatric issues, approaches that prioritize building relationships and effective communication have yielded noteworthy outcomes. By promoting collaboration among various agencies, services have been made available to individuals in need, allowing them to access a range of different services. Trust and cooperation are critical elements in helpin

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homeless individuals overcome financial and medical obstacles.


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