Marketing Chapter 3 Pearson Quiz

Among the generational groups in U.S​ population, the​ ________ are still the wealthiest generation in U.S. history
baby boomers
A critical element of microenvironmental scanning is​ ________, which is the study of human populations in terms of​ size, density,​ location, age,​ gender, race,​ occupation, and other statistics. This portion of the environment is of major interest to marketers because it involves people who make up markets.
Marketers target Generation Z because they​ ________.
spent an estimated​ $43 billion annually of their own money
Which of the following is a trend that depicts the increasingly nontraditional nature of​ today’s American​ families?
the low percentage of married couples with children
Where has lost population in the past two​ decades?
the Northeast states
To exercise their social responsibility and build more positive​ images, many companies are now building efforts in the area of​ ________ marketing, linking themselves to​ respectable, socially minded organizations and​ ideas, which firms increasingly use as a form of corporate giving.
Which of the following situations is expected to enhance the use of targeted advertising messages by​ marketers?
increase in ethnic populations
Some companies hire lobbyists to influence legislation affecting their industries and stage media events to gain favorable press coverage. These firms will often run​ ________, which are ads expressing editorial points of view.
Santana​ Automobile’s Arrow is the first​ mass-produced hybrid​ vehicle, known for its fuel efficiency and environmental friendliness. The Arrow is most likely to become popular in the​ ________ market.
Rather than assuming that strategic options are bounded by the current​ environment, firms adopting​ a(n) ________ to the marketing environment develop strategies to change the environment.
proactive stance
Which of the following generations is the most educated to​ date?
Generation X
Which of the following generational groups is most comfortable with digital technology and embraces that​ technology?
In the context of geographical shifts in​ population, the migration toward​ ________ areas has resulted in a rapid increase in the number of people who telecommute
This ethnic segment of the American market comprises roughly​ 5% of the total population.​ _____________ are consistently more confident about their financial situations than other segments and are more likely to live within their means. They tend to avoid credit card debt and save more for future eventualities.
Asian Americans
The​ ________ environment offers marketers many opportunities in one of the most dramatic ways —it affects such wonders as​ antibiotics, robotic​ surgery, miniaturized​ electronics, smartphones, and the Internet.
Marketing intermediaries help the company​ promote, sell, and distribute its products to final buyers.​ _________ are not marketing intermediaries.
By​ 2050, ________ will be an estimated 15 percent of the U.S. population.
African Americans
A​ society’s ________ are expressed in how people view themselves and​ others, organizations,​ society, nature, and the universe.
The past two decades have seen a sharp decrease in​ ________ America’s business and political organizations and​ institutions, and marketing managers need to be aware of changing beliefs about firms and organizations when developing marketing mixes.
confidence in and loyalty toward
Marketers should understand that​ people’s core beliefs and values tend to be​ ________.
The fact that people are dropping out of organized religion​ doesn’t mean that they are abandoning their faith. Some futurists have noted a renewed interest in​ ________, perhaps as a part of a broader search for a new inner purpose.
Which of the following is most likely influenced by​ marketers?

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