Lord of the Flies (Men are inherently evil)

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“Man produces evil as a bee produces honey” was a comment that was made by William Golding after his experience helping in the 2nd universe war. Lord of the Flies is a symbolic novel of his experience and this quotation mark was his manner of demoing that all work forces were evil ; it was as natural for a human to be evil as it was for a bee to bring forth honey. However. despite being within a bee’s natural inherent aptitude to bring forth honey. it isn’t within a human’s natural inherent aptitude to be evil. It is shown in Golding’s novel that society influences one’s morality. Lord of the Flies besides shows that worlds are self-seeking. looking out for themselves and that sometimes it is necessary to be corrupt to last. We besides see that it is within a humans’ inherent aptitude to follow a leader whether they are moral or immoral.

Lord of the Flies demonstrates that one’s morality is influenced by the society they are in. John Locke. an English philosopher. believed that worlds were born clean and pure. but it was society that influenced the evil inside them. This is apparent in Golding’s novel as even the most ‘evil’ character. Jack. has shown marks of being moral. In the 2nd chapter. when he comes back from detecting that they were on an island. he states. “‘We’ve got to hold regulations and obey them. ”’ The writer uses sarcasm to compare the difference of Jack’s behavior from the start of the novel to the terminal. However. possibly we see Jack as the most corrupt character because he was the first to gain that in order to last. he would necessitate to be more sadistic. more barbarian. It is obvious from so on that he tries non to demo compassion. artlessness or kindness. At times. he does non win. An illustration of this is on page 55 when Jack says. “You can feel…you’re non runing. but- being hunted. ” This quotation mark shows Jack’s uncertainness. and he explains that you have to be animal-like to last and populate every bit long as you can in a society without regulations and Torahs. something Locke idea was perfectly necessary to prolong felicity. Here. Jack seems to associate to himself as an animate being. which shows that he merely acts the manner he does because he saw the fortunes they were in. and decided that the lone manner to acquire off the island alive was to be beast-like.

Worlds are self-seeking which is why they may be perceived as immorality. In order to suit in and experience safe. sometimes selfish Acts of the Apostless will be pursued. Golding writes for the characters to go more barbarian. This attribute even reaches the symbol of goodness and order. Ralph. He realises that in order to last. he could non ever do the right thing. On page one hundred and 38. Golding uses personification twice to make the play in his message. “Piggy and Ralph. under the menace of the sky found themselves eager to take a topographic point in this demented but partially unafraid society” . He is seeking to dramatize the evilness that Piggy and Ralph have succumbed to. melding with the others. nevertheless. all this quotation mark proves is their common yearning for a topographic point with others and non any deepness of evilness. We see that people who get downing in the were following Ralph ‘the good side’ joined.

It is within our human inherent aptitudes to follow a leader. whether they are moral or immoral. Having a powerful leader gives the ‘weaker’ 1s a sense of safety. and in Lord of the Flies. the two chief leaders were Ralph and Jack. Ralph was the leader of the ‘good’ side. while Jack was the head of the ‘evil’ side. The members of Jack’s folks are non evil in nature. but are simply forced to follow his orders as he believes this is important for them to exist. “With drab obeisance the choir raised their custodies. ” The usage of imagination in this quotation mark ( shows ) that when Ralph asks the immature kids who they would vote for for head. the choir-boys felt obliged to vote for Jack. Jack can be compared to Adolf Hitler. a dictator in World War II. Hitler manipulated his soldiers. and alters their thought. Similarly. Jack is making the same thing. Leading the ‘evil’ side. he adjusts the heads of the choir-boys. The people who are following Jack are making so for a sense of protection as he is powerful.

Despite being first published 50 old ages ago. Lord of the Flies is still studied and read to this twenty-four hours as it shows that it is ferociousness of the 2nd universe war. Golding subtly passes through his message that what happened in Germany could happen anyplace and that sometimes. it is necessary to be evil. Throughout the novel. we see the lengths some of them. in peculiar Jack. travel to for endurance. We are shown that it is necessary to prosecute evil Acts of the Apostless in ‘life or death’ state of affairss and that it is of human nature to take a leader and follow his actions. even if they are immoral.

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