Link Between Oppression And Social Labelling Sociology Essay Example
Link Between Oppression And Social Labelling Sociology Essay Example

Link Between Oppression And Social Labelling Sociology Essay Example

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  • Published: August 27, 2017
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As a member of a minority group this topic is something of involvement and has personal relevancy to my experiences populating in a pre-dominantly white society. The absence of appropriate Asiatic function theoretical accounts in the media such as telecasting, movies, history, newspapers and in places of believable political and economic influence, stimulated a natural procedure of personal inquiring of identify. The societal labels which surround us either positive or negative form our perceptual experiences of ego and act upon the sort of determinations we make. If we do n't understand the societal cloths of society in which ego is developed and do non foster a echt enquiry into how oppression maps, we end up populating those societal labels. Some of these can be harmful and do us to go deprived even to the point of subjugation of ourselves. It


could be argued that this is an improbable phenomena but psychological subjugation is a well-researched and uncontested construct amongst faculty members. I am merely mentioning to and calling what it truly is, `` internalised self-oppression '' .

This paper will try to analyze the discourses and thoughts which form and act upon our apprehension of subjugation every bit good as set uping a nexus between this and societal labelling. Oppression as a construct has a really wide significance and relates to different signifiers of minority groups in different ways. In this paper I will research the relationship of subjugation pulling on assorted signifiers of resources and information to back up a peculiar perceptive. It should be recognised that subjugation is non sole to race but impacts on other groups such as adult females, disablement, age, sexual

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orientation and category with changing grades of strength and differences. However, for the intents of this assignment I will specifically concentrate on the construct of race. I will show the four key standards 's of subjugation presented by Ann Cudd in her book Analysing Oppression ( Cudd, 2006 ) and so concentrate on the effects of societal labelling as phenomena. I will show a position that in order to understand subjugation we must besides understand the societal systems, constructions and influences that facilitates internalised subjugation. My decision will take to supply some suggestions towards foregrounding how to stop subjugation and bound or cut down its consequence on persons who are exposed to the kineticss of subjugation.

Specifying beds of subjugation

History literature books document subjugation in different ways from spiritual repression, category differences, poorness and wealth, linguistic communication and cognition merely to call a few ( Kernohan 1998 ) . Oppression is traditionally understood to associate to the loss of freedom, free pick, independency and capablenesss due to actions of those in places of power ( Wartenberg 1992 ) . Half a century ago, if asked the inquiry what is subjugation, many would mention to slavery or colonialism. In this twenty-four hours and age there is a greater apprehension and consciousness of subjugation. Iris Young a well-thought-of writer on the topic of power and subjugation high spots how subjugation has a much broader understanding doing mention to `` systematic and structural phenomena that are non necessary the consequence of the purposes of a autocrat. Oppression in the structural sense is portion of the basic cloth of a society, non a map of a few people 's pick

or policies '' ( Young, 1992, p. 176 ) . In this respect subjugation can be considered to be in the psychological and behavioral forms of every member of society including those who are good intending persons whether they are cognizant of it or non.

Oppression as we one time thought of is far more elusive, as Jean Harvey explains civilized subjugation `` involves neither physical force nor the usage of jurisprudence. Yet these elusive signifiers are by far the most prevailing in Western industrialized societies '' ( Harvey, 1999, P. 1 ) . Recognizing different signifiers of subjugation agencies decrypting cultural and social norms which do non clearly categorise or has a clear distinct oppressor. We all contribute to subjugation in different ways and perpetuate signifiers of injury consciously or unconsciously, either to ourselves or to others ( Harvey, 1999 ) .

Ann Cudd helps us to explicate this farther by sketching four cardinal standards 's which are necessary and appropriate in increasing our apprehension of subjugation:

`` Oppression must affect some kind of physical or psychological injury, though it may non be recognised as injury by the 1s who are oppressed '' ( Cudd, 1994, p.25 ) . So harm can be imposed without being self-aware restricting one 's `` freedom of pick relation to other in one 's society '' ( Cudd, 1994, p.25 ) .

`` Oppression is a sort of injury that single members of group suffer by virtuousness of their rank in that group. aˆ¦harm that comes to individuals because they belong to a group that they closely identify with, so that the injury attaches to their really self-image '' ( ibid )

. Persons are non oppressed as persons but due to their rank to a specific group, such as race, gender, disablement or sexual orientation. Keith Vaz MP might non be considered as being oppressed although black work forces in society are. He has the same restrictions as other black work forces who have less power in society and will hold obstructions to traverse that other white work forces take for privilege.

The 3rd standards, is what Cudd refers to as the 'privilege group ' ( Cudd, 1998 ) . She makes the point that an person who has rank to a group which benefits from the subjugation is advantaged by their association and position. However, non every single member of the group will be deliberately or wittingly profiting but they gain from the rank to that group.

Oppression must affect some sort of coercion or force ( ( Cudd, 1994 ) . Coercion is the deficiency of ability to do free pick. Cudd goes on to explicate that `` coercion is non the absence of all pick, but a deficiency of the right sort of picks, viz. , voluntary picks '' ( Cudd, 1994, p. 27 ) . Cudd suggests that this is what explains unfairnesss of subjugation.

A farther dimension

My construct of subjugation will concentrate on Ann Cudd 's coercion standards with some fluctuation. Not all coercion might be considered immoral as an account towards unfairnesss of subjugation. There are other signifiers of subjugation, more elusive sorts which every bit are non coercive such as psychological subjugation. Prilleltensky and Nelson make mention to Sandra Bartky who states `` To be psychologically oppressed is to be weighed down

in your head ; it is to hold a rough rule exercised over your self-esteem. The psychologically oppressed go their ain oppressors ; they come to exert rough rule over their ain self-pride. Differently put, psychological subjugation can be regarded as the 'internalisation of hints of lower status '' ( ( Isaac & A ; Prilleltensky, 2002, p. 13 ) .

In this regard there is no force or coercion ; persons will hold the ability to do free pick in doing determinations, so the deficiency of voluntary pick is non affected. Persons who are psychologically oppressed go their ain tormentors. The options are available to them but they are merely likely to do determinations and picks which their civilization or community demands of them. There are other signifiers of elements of subjugation at work which are dynamic, fluid and interact, as subjugation does n't happen in isolation but many forces come together in order to keep people in a province of subjugation ( Frye 2005 ) .

Oppression is good documented throughout history and in literature. Particular mentions are made to slavery of the intervention of African slaves, the holocaust and the agony and anguish of European Jews. The systematic favoritism against sexual minorities including homosexual and tribades ( ( Cudd, 2006 ) . The disproportionate usage of 'stop and hunt ' against black minorities being seven times more likely to be stopped by the constabulary compared Whites ( ( Muffler, 2006 ) .

The above illustrations make mention to the manner in which physical maltreatment is used to repress peculiar groups of people. However, the most efficient and effectual manner a society can propagate subjugation is

by a system of non-physical agencies transforming into a procedure of what we call negative labelling or normally referred to as stereotyping.

There are many surveies undertaken which highlight the effects of pigeonholing on peculiar groups. This includes how these groups of persons self-categorise themselves into positive or negative stereotyping which either manner leads to negative and detrimental effects. Michael Hogg refers to a survey undertaken by Jost and Elsbach proposing the nexus between pigeonholing and power derived functions as a negative force within societal dealingss which consequences in deformation, control and false consciousness of the laden groups world ( ( Hogg, 2002 ) . The component of control is imbedded into the consciousness of the persons being stereotyped. Altshuller refers to the undermentioned quotation mark by Jost and Banaji `` those with power can command thoughts, beliefs, and stereotypes in the same manner they control other societal and material resources and can thereby instil a 'false consciousness ' in the powerless such that the powerless become complicit in their ain disadvantage '' ( ( Altshuller, 1999, p. 325 ) . The weak become accepting of their place of being oppressed and psychologically go their ain oppressors by self-limiting their chances and life opportunities. Cudd makes the undermentioned point, `` it is non that they ( the psychologically oppressed ) will prefer subjugation to justness, or subordination to equality, instead they will prefer the sorts of societal functions that tend to subordinate them, do them less able to take, or give them fewer picks to do '' ( Cudd, 2008, p. 114 ) .

There has been changing grades of research analyzing the relationship between subjugation and

pigeonholing which support findings that persons who are negatively stereotyped follow the stereotyping. This in bend sets into gesture self-defeating beliefs which develops into restricting factors in accessing life chances. In a survey conducted by Devos and Banaji they refer to how stereotyping leads to a type of phenomenon that consequences in self-stereotyping ( ( Banaji, et EL, 2005 ) .

However, pigeonholing distorts the world of the lived experiences of persons who are being stereotyped. Sayers suggests that `` the media influences our perceptual experiences and that these perceptual experiences so act upon our behavior towards stereotyped groups ( Sayre, 2009, p. 318 ) . So for illustration if we see a rebellious immature teenage black stripling, we may comprehend him/her as holding a violent civilization in comparing to a white civilized European civilization. Alternatively of disputing institutional subjugation we use blasted to switch the focal point of duty ( Cudd, 2006 ) .

Pigeonholing can be damaging in other ways. Harmonizing to the theory of stereotype menace ( ( Laurie A. Rudman, 2008 ) `` the being of such stereotypes means that anything one does or any of the 1 's characteristics that conform to it do the stereotype more plausible as a self-characterisation in the eyes of others, and possibly even in one 's ain eyes '' ( Steele and Aronson, 1995, p. 797 ) .

A farther dimension to stereotyping is direct situational menace that arises through negative stereotyping. This relates to the hazard of being treated or judged in a stereotyped manner or even possibly self-fulfilling the stereotype.

Immediate situational menace is another consequence of the negative stereotypes against a group. That is the

menace of the possibility of being judged or treated stereotypically, or even self-fulfilling the stereotype. This stereotype menace, harmonizing to Stangor, `` Can bechance anyone with a group individuality about which some negative stereotype exists, and for the individual to be threatened in this manner he need non even believe the stereotype. He need merely cognize that it stands as a hypothesis about him in state of affairss where the stereotype is relevant '' ( Stangor, 2000, p. 370 ) .

There are many surveies carried out researching the relationship between stereotype menace and hapless rational trials ( Weiten, 2012 ) . Different people will respond otherwise to situational menace. Persons will either fault themselves for their deficiency of accomplishments or internalise lower status, both of which leads to take downing their rank and position in society ( Aronson, 1995 ) . Internalizing the incrimination leads to persons non experiencing they have the ability or assurance to win, therefore they are likely non even to do any effort. So for illustration, I have ever wanted to paraglide. It might non be in my capablenesss, so hold ne'er tried and ne'er will. However, it will non impact my life chances, impact on my quality of life or go forth me in an laden societal position. However, self-blame could do to diminish and lower quality of life. If self-blame is used for our deficiency of success on our incapacities, it would do it debatable to place and dispute institutional subjugation. Self-blame is the concluding ingredient in keeping subjugation.

Realigning the balance

In order to right the balance, there are different ways to get the better of subjugation in civilization and

achieve a more classless society. This requires personal committedness in disputing oppressive construction. It requires re-structuring of established establishments and the idea processes that influences them. It is helpful to retrieve that merely doing policies to promote alteration does non assist, although policies give some way reflecting where society is traveling, it does non merely `` promote societal justness and cut down subjugation '' ( O'Connor, 2003, p. 20 ) .

It is non a far-fetched position, that stereotyping is used to warrant all sorts of injuries on groups of persons. Harm causes harm to one 's ability. Therefore any injury that violates one 's ego and their development of human ability is a misdemeanor of cosmopolitan and human rights ( Nussbaum, 2001 ) . The impact and consequence of negative labelling onslaughts and destroys his/her sense of ego image by go againsting their experiences. This misdemeanor occurs non merely physically but through old ages of 'training ' and being capable to negative messages, transfusing a false consciousness and it is this which consequences in subjugation.

All human existences have a right to populate free of physical and emotional misdemeanors which consequences in any signifier of injury. Each person has the right to self-respect, self-worth, and to maximize their internal potency without the fright of maltreatment. Through self-stereotyping, if we lack the assurance that we do non hold abilities so we are less likely to prosecute and develop our capablenesss.

However, merely holding basic human rights is non sufficient to short-circuit the injury which subjugation causes. Challenging cultural kineticss, spiritual patterns and societal norms which create the sorts of conditions for subjugation to boom should be confronted through

instruction and supplying information enabling persons to do determinations and picks that do non go against their sense of ego.

Developing influential function theoretical accounts that advocator and develop a corporate identify regardless of their individualism can help in developing images of believable and honorable representatives. Such persons would assist to counter the negative portraiture of groups which are likely to be exposed to some signifier of negative labelling.


The way to stoping all signifiers of subjugation is by far non an easy journey. More frequently than non minority leaders seldom challenge the constructions or the system but alternatively they adapt to increase their ain entree to power. It is non uncommon that many minority leaders keeping places of influence create an feeling of equality of chance which is reassuring to the privilege groups. However, this sort of representation could be damaging to the laden groups, as it distorts the world of the laden, disregarding the really existent job with cultural subjugation. This has the hazard of overlooking the conditions and societal jobs which keeps people in their underprivileged places. Rather than concentrating on readdressing the system, oppressed groups are ridiculed, blamed and stereotyped for their fortunes ( Segal, 2009 ) .

To get the better of the impact of self-stereotyping, merely stoping societal stereotype is non plenty. More demands to be done to increase persons ' ability and dignity, so that every member of society can bask their true human rights. Social conditioning starts at a really early age, which defines our individuality and the realization of our ability or the deficiency of it. If we focus on countering the destructive stereotypes in our communities, so pulling

our attending at kids when they are immature might be a start. This would include bettering the quality of instruction and support for the schools, but besides guarantee that support is distributed every bit to avoid making a civilization of differential intervention.

Education of grownups is another component which would help in cut downing subjugation. What is needed here is effectual preparation that non merely focuses on the future members of society but besides on those persons who are affected by subjugation and stereotype menace presently. In this exists the challenge and the end at change by reversaling the stereotypes and retracing single capablenesss. Re-establishing and re-developing the undermined capablenesss is our primary undertaking here. Education which raises the consciousness and empower oppressed groups should profit from public support. There is no uncertainty that instruction itself is non merely merely a remedy to a complex scope of kineticss such as subjugation but it remains the most steadfastly established establishment towards seeking Restoration. An educational method arising and centred from the experiences of the oppressed is what is needed. In his book, Pedagogy of the Oppressed, Paulo Freire gives the undermentioned quotation mark: `` Merely as the oppressor, in order to suppress, needs a theory of oppressive action, so the laden, in order to go free, besides need a theory of action. The oppressor elaborates his theory of action without the people, for he stands against them. Nor can the people-as long as they are crushed and oppressed, internalising the image of the oppressor-construct by themselves the theory of their liberating action. Merely in the brush of the people with the radical leader-in their Communion, in their

praxis-can this theory be built ( Freire, 2007, p. 183 ) . Having leaders with unity and institutional support are the necessary elements in the stoping of subjugation.

Greater apprehension and consciousness should be developed into doing persons motivation independent from the negative individualities, so that we have a society that is built on strong ambitious people. As portion of a broader community, reconstituting the capablenesss which have been damaged and developing people to an equal threshold of utilizing their possible and capablenesss. Encouraging positive perceptual experiences of individuality would ensue in opening up many different possibilities and experiences which is critical in sabotaging the negative forms of ideas and feelings which result in internalizing the subjugation. Reducing the forms of oppressive ideas would be one of the first challenges towards doing advancement in stoping all signifiers of internal and external subjugation.

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