Leiningen Versus the Ants Essay Example
Leiningen Versus the Ants Essay Example

Leiningen Versus the Ants Essay Example

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In any narrative. characters are made from an writer. but they really populating in the narrative. They have their ain peculiar traits that homo has. Peoples can be describe as many type of people by the traits they has. and merely like the characters in the narrative can be describe as a type of individual. In narrative “Leiningen versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson was an illustration of shown that Leiningen a characters could be describe as a intelligent. respectable leader and a courageous individual.

This narrative was fundamentally about the conflict between the human and the emmets which can eat any thing up. It shows the human versus the nature excessively. Leiningen as the homo. and the emmets as the nature. Any manner. one trait Leiningen has was intelligent. In the


narrative the quotation mark “Even here in this Brazilian wilderness. his encephalon had triumphed over every trouble and danger it had so far encountered. ” ( p # 1 ) shows Leiningen was smart because this quotation mark had simplify he utilize his encephalon to restrict to come of a program and utilize it assisting people.

Besides the quotation mark “When I began this theoretical account farm and plantation three old ages ago. I took into history all that could conceivably go on to it” ( p # 1 ) precisely stating he is intelligent. because he made a theoretical account farm that mean he already have a program three old ages ago. it difficult for anyone to come of a program so he is smart. Besides he use merely his head to conceive of out any thing could go on. he believe of an

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possibility and add it to the program. Another trait Leiningen been describe is respectable leader.

In the narrative the quotation mark “But so great was the Indian’s trust in Leiningen. in Leiningen’s words. and in Leiningen’s wisdom. that they received his curt newss. and his orders for the at hand battle. with the composure in which they were given” ( p # 1 ) demonstrates because of Leiningen’s difficult work on the plantation and having the challenge of emmets. He has successfully amassed the support of the most resulting in his function as a leader for his people the Indians. Peoples listen to him. they trust him. so in the quotation mark they were composures.

Besides another quotation mark show he was a respectable leader is “Such. so. was his aura of assurance that the Indians forgot their dumbfounded fright of the hazard merely a pace or two off. ” ( p # 4 ) because Leiningen change the fright of his people. made them forgot the fright of the peril really nigh. If person do that it merely the 1 who lead the group. The Indians follow Leiningen even the feeling. this prove they trust in Leiningen. and get down to being into one integrity group with Leiningen as the caput. the Indians as the other parts.

The last trait describe Leiningen was that he was brave. in the narrative the quotation mark “You’re insane! They’re non creatures you can fight—they’re an elemental—an ‘act of God! ’ Ten stat mis long. two stat mis wide—ants. nil but emmets! And every individual one of them a monster from snake pit ; before you can ptyalize three times they’ll

eat a adult American bison to the castanetss. ” ( p # 1 ) phrase that scariness and unsafe of the emmets. and how many of them. Besides tell that Leiningen non afraid of them. still plan a plantation to halt them. he is courageous.

I beg any one heard of that much of emmets be scared but non Leiningen. his brave acquire his manner. he is courageous plenty to contend God. Another quotation mark is “The minute I’m over the ditch. put fire to the gasoline. That’ll allow clip for the inundation to make the fast one. Then all you have to make is wait here all cubby and quiet boulder clay I’m back. Yes. I’m coming back. trust me” ( p # 10 ) say that Leiningen has decided a really difficult pick to scarify himself to deluge away the terrify emmets. But he stilled did even though it might lose his life. but he is courageous plenty to make it.

In decision. narrative “Leiningen versus the Ants” by Carl Stephenson shows an illustration of characters in a narrative really populating in their. by their ain personality. in a narrative character is a populating individual. Just like Leiningen. in the narrative he been described as a intelligent individual. a respectable leader. and a courageous individual supported by his actions and ideas. With all these traits he besides could be view as a epic individual. because all he did is non a normal individual can make. We should follow his footfalls to going a better individual. to protect your love.

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