Kodak Case Persuasive Essay Example
Kodak Case Persuasive Essay Example

Kodak Case Persuasive Essay Example

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  • Published: November 17, 2017
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An overview of the Eastman Kodak company, founded in 1880 by George Eastman and known for over 130 years as a pioneering force in photography, is provided. The focus of this report is on Kodak's decline and its position in digital imaging, which has been analyzed using VRIO, SWOT, Strategy Canvas, and Porter's Five Forces analyses. The report also addresses Kodak's strategies in traditional photography and their level of success in that field.

During its growth in the digital age, Kodak utilized effective and strategic techniques that led to its success. By pioneering dry-plate formulas and film for picture creation, Eastman Kodak Company surpassed all competitors. Their straightforward printing process, summarized by the slogan “You press the button, we do the rest”, cemented their position in the film industry. Kodak established trends in color and film technology while also making significant contrib


utions to this field. Although they encountered difficulties with digital imaging lately, Kodak remained a top-performing company with sales of approximately $10 billion in 1981. As one of the pioneers within this industry, Kodak remains an iconic firm that still meets consumers' demands today.

Kodak has stayed afloat by combining with other companies to broaden their range of products. This involved acquiring parts of IBM, which enabled them to partner up with businesses such as Clinical Diagnostics, Mass Memory and chemical/health lab research firms. Despite the challenge presented by Fuji Photo Film Co.'s introduction of disposable cameras and 400-speed color film into America's market, Kodak persevered and achieved success. Colby Chandler, current CEO of Kodak, presided over this continuous effort to adjust and flourish.

Debate exists about the impact of technology on mental and emotional health. Some

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contend that overuse may result in addiction, reduced communication skills, and poor sleep quality. Conversely, others posit that technology can have positive effects via online therapy services and apps. To promote good mental and emotional health, it is vital to maintain balance and moderation.

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