Inequality Is Essay Example
Inequality Is Essay Example

Inequality Is Essay Example

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  • Published: August 21, 2021
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In this chapter, we examine the inequality of classes through the water supply. In the case in Flint, we can see the complex stratification of class and inequality in America. Another case is that poor people in Mumbai, India do not have the right to use water, because of their no legally residence. We recognize that inequality of the society through to the system of wealth, income, and social status. The stratification designates people into groups or classes in different pattern, depending on each culture. Today, anthropologists deeply analyze the features of class and inequality through four key theorists of them.

According Weber, some individuals have better life chances than others; and Bourdieu noticed that social reproduction passes inequality on from generation to generation. Marx viewed capitalism as dividing people into two distinct classes, the bourgeoisie and the


proletariat; whereas Mullings examines the connection among race gender, and class. In the United States, the wealth gap is big and is still increasing. Credit card, education, and mortgage debt have all increased dramatically that make the inequality bigger among U.S. people .as people try to better their situation through attending college, purchasing homes, and using credit cards to make up for what they cannot pay with their own wages.

However, the consumer culture in the United States can mask people’s real economic circumstances. People try to maintain a middle-class lifestyle, but they may ow lot of money in dept. The global economic processes are also the reason for widespread U.S. poverty. Corporations move their mills of factories overseas looking for cheap labor resources, resulting in the loss of thousands of jobs for Americans. That affects obviously the wealth

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and poor. Through this chapter, we better understand the complexity of inequality and class stratification in U.S. and around the world.

I am interesting about class stratification in U.S. Identifying a person's class or their status can be more difficult than their race or ethnic. While the poor people usually live in communities with others of the same class, because they do not have many choices. Instead, the wealthy isolate themselves in gated protection communities, making social gap increasingly larger.

I am aware that no one wants to be poor or ranked poverty. But people they try to hide their real situation, or they want to maintain their class lifestyle. Plus, the consumer culture, people must borrow money in mortgages, run up credit card debt, or even take the student loans for their own spending. This risk them further into poverty. I think it may one factor make the stratification and inequality in U.S. bigger.

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