In the United States, Everyone Should Have Health Insurance Essay Example
In the United States, Everyone Should Have Health Insurance Essay Example

In the United States, Everyone Should Have Health Insurance Essay Example

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  • Published: June 10, 2022
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When I was little I remember coming home from school and hearing the loud sirens of the ambulance along with the flashing lights. I ran inside to see my grandmother being rushed to the hospital . She was unconscious. Me and my step dad rushed behind the ambulance all the way to the hospital. By the time we got there she was already rushed to the E.R.

Thankfully she survived , but the hospital bill and medicine for her cost a fortune. As you are reading this she is still paying her bill off. I believe that the United States of America should provide free health insurance for everyone. One reason why people should have free health insurance because it can make a difference in their health . People who don’t have health insurance usually don’t even go t


o get a vaccine. Without a vaccine this people are more open to all diseases which can affect their health in the long run.

Another reason why it can save lives is because people who do have health insurance don’t have to stress about it. On the other hand people who don’t have health insurance stress way more because they don’t have a back up plan. “When I didn't have insurance, I was so much more stressed about the fact that I didn't have back up behind me, that it actually caused me to have worse symptoms” said fred zorn. With that being said people who do have health insurance are healthier and don’t have to worry about their back up plan. Another reason why health insurance should be free is because people either struggle or can’t pay for

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it. Forty-four million people in the U.S alone can’t afford health insurance.

Meaning these people didn’t have access to medical care, prescription medicines , eye glasses , dental care and mental health insurance. Without medical insurance getting a check up or getting prescription medicine can take a tow on you financially. . According to Health Affairs, “ nearly 2 million Americans have filed for medical bankruptcy due to unexpected health problems.” If the United States gave people free health insurance most people would be healthier and would live longer.

On the other hand some people believe that everyone should be responsible and carry their own weight. People who want to get treated at a hospital should be required to pay for it . Yes some continents like Europe already have free health insurance only because they are less densely and smaller than the United States. The United States would need to raise our taxes even higher than they already are if they were to provide everyone with free healthcare.

Another reason why the United States shouldn’t have free healthcare is because In conclusion , America should give free health insurance to everyone. This can change the lives of people who don’t have health insurance. One way it can change the lives of people who can’t afford it is that they can stop worrying about a back-up plan for them and their family. Another reason why it can change the lives of people is because people would live longer and healthier. Finally , people can stop going bankrupt when they get sick , need a check-up or need prescription medicine.

Not to mention everyone in the U.S can be

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