How to Improve the Economy of Pakistan

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How to Improve the Economy of Pakistan BY urnerl 242 Pakistan is an agrarian country. 70% of its economy is based on agriculture. but only agriculture is not enough for stable economy. lndustrialization and mineral resources also play a vital role in building country”s economy,so they also need our special attention and they are in immense need of improvement. The agriculture sector”s production can be improved by introducing mechanization and making it common for farmers. Most of the farmers in Pakistan are poor and unable to adopt modern echniques.

So they should be provided with (easy to return ) loans. The farmer should be educated that they must only use the seeds of good quality,they must use appropriate fertilizers in right quantities. The farmer should be made aware that they should practice collective farming instead of farming on small fragments of land,by doing this they would be able to set up tube wells and buy tractors (of their own)collectively. The government should calculate the requirements of the people and then export the rest of rice,cotton,sugar etc. that it does not have to import the same things at double costs later. Pakistan exports great quantities of cotton,leather etc in their raw form. lnstead of this we should establish industries and export these things after processing and converting them to some useful goods.. it will increase the foreign exchange two to three times the previous one. lndustries should be established near to the resources to save the fuel used for transporting the raw material

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