How Can Literature Save a Nation Essay Example
How Can Literature Save a Nation Essay Example

How Can Literature Save a Nation Essay Example

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  • Published: September 28, 2017
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To to the full understand this inquiry. we need to specify foremost two things. One is. of class. what literature is ; 2nd. what it is that endangers a state that can be negated by literature. Literature. per definition. is the art of written plants. In Latin. it literally means “to be acquainted with letters” . So. in that context. every book. every diary. every thing written. slackly defined. is literature. Now. what can books. diaries and documents perchance do to salvage a state from. state. war? Or economic crisis?

Or anything that can harm what we define as “ community sharing a common linguistic communication. a common culture” ; merely. a state? Take for illustration something written by a middle-aged American manner back in the 1850’s. And she was a adult female. however. by the name of Harriett Beech


er-Stowe. It revolves around an Afro-american adult male who. today. would be a houseboy or a worker. Those times. he was called a Black slave. The book is. of class. Uncle Tom’s Cabin. with the narrative touching sensitive subjects of bondage. racism. and spiritual religion.

This simple book by a simple school teacher awakened the heads of the American people into recognizing that. to cite Shakespeare’s “Merchant of Venice” . “If you prick me. make I non shed blood? If you tickle me. make I non laugh? ” This aroused a sense of disgust that what White Americans were making to another existent homo being. albeit of a different colour. yet still another populating individual. what they themselves would non desire to be put up with. In short. this book helped determine America’s hereafter as a slave-free stat

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by lighting the first flicker of the American Civil War.

Coincidentally. some decennaries subsequently. it was to be the same book that would light another radical flicker someplace in the Pacific ; in the Southeast Asiatic part to be exact. While in Madrid. our really ain Dr. Jose P. Rizal was moved by Uncle Tom’s Cabin that he proposed composing a novel that would make the same for the Philippines ( at that clip under Spanish subjugation ) what that book did for America. The consequence was “Noli Me Tangere” ( Touch Me Not ) . Now. to exemplify how those works saved a state concretely would be unlogical.

For it is non paper and pencil that saves a state. it is us. its people. We are the states scruples and we act on our ain scrupless. Literature. whether it be the Bible. or Uncle Tom’s Cabin. or The Da Vinci Code. ignites in us ideas and emotions. . Of class it can non salvage us physically. but it is a accelerator. Literature is concentrated on salvaging the civilized human race. It keeps us who we are. points out what makes us different from animate beings: our thought and our ability to non merely alteration and adapt. but to alter the state of affairs we are in.

It informs us. therefore. giving us new points of position and a broader sentiment on a topic taking to a better apprehension of it. It generates thoughts that move us into action. that influence us. that alteration us. This is what creates a force or a concatenation reaction of sudden consciousness that causes the people of a state to lift up

and salvage that state ; either from bondage. from subjugation. from economic ruin. or organize anything a state is to be saved from by its people.

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