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In the analysis of the culture of a community, various factors are considered. For instance, in San Diego, holiday cruises are important in the analysis of cultural events because they are largely based on the community’s traditions. Cruises are attended by families outside the comfort of their homes and on board of a holiday cruise ships. Cruises offer more option both for the festivities and adventurers and enable visitors to experience the culture of San Diego, particularly during cultural festivities. The culture of San Diego is influenced mostly by Americans as well as the interaction with the Mexican culture due to its geographical positioning, as a border town, and largely by the Hispanic population. I observed that ethnic and cultural mix influences a community’s culture, thus it is not surprising that San Diego has a variety of cuisines. There are many seafood restaurants and an extensive variety of the authentic Mexican restaurants (Fruzyna, 2011).

The cruises enable guests to have time in the evening to continue with the festivities. The classical music played amplifies a serene class to an exciting cuisine holiday. The most remarkable features of these evenings are the representations by many classical performers and abundant buffet of savory selections. People like taking champagnes and sparkling cider. Sometimes cider is coupled with soft drinks such as coffee, juices, sodas, and tea. A festive season on a cruise ship is a very special event that can be visited by many people to learn the traditions or cultures of the People of San Diego. For instance, Christmas Eve Brunch and Dinner Cruises are attended by many families who are supplied with traditional holiday buffet over the bays of San Diego. It is a tradition in San Diego that most families use cruises to celebrate a festive season and to entertain guests. Cultural events are used by guests to devour holiday buffets and to rejoice by watching breathtaking sceneries (Toner, 2003). There are many activities that characterize the events, for instance, dancing and champagne drinking. This has made the Hornblower to be a famous place to have a holiday with members of a family.

The Hornblower cruises provide dinner cruises throughout the year, hence enabling people to have a view of the skyline in San Diego (Toner, 2003). Cruising always takes three hours in order to allow for the best views of the skyline to be observed. The guests have an opportunity to watch wild animals. In addition, there are also several yachts operated by the Hornblower. These cruises also enable families and guests to celebrate cultural events such as birthdays and anniversaries. There are special dinner and private dinner cruises where entertainers are invited to perform comedy and other activities to entertain those arranged for private parties. In addition, the Hornblower cruises offer special holiday dinner cruises for St. Valentine evenings or romance dinner cruises. They usually offer decorated yachts and certain optional flowers. During the festive seasons like New Year, Easter, and Mother’s day, cruises offer enjoyable buffet dinners.

In conclusion, the cruises are important cultural heritage experiences. Cultural cruises focuses on ancient civilizations while much of the content of the cruises focuses on the sea, sand, and sun type tourism (Dallen, 2011). Cruises enhance the rights of individuals to participate in the cultural life of a society to enjoy the arts and scientific achievements as well as the benefits.

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