Himalayan Tsunami Was Caused by US

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The Himalayan Tsunami that took place on 16 June 2013, created a vast damage.

This damage of Uttarakhand can’t be blamed on Nature’s fury alone. Cloudbursts, landslides and flash floods are an annual affair in Uttarakhand. The rain of 2010 destructed many properties and lives, but the rate of destruction is even larger. With many highways damaged, bridges washed away, electricity and phone networks down, several ravaged places continue to be marooned.

Uttarkhand is considered to have many holy places. Kedarnath, Gangotri, Yamunotri and Rudraprayag are a few holy centres.These temples or shrines have a kind of magnetic force that attract many piligrims. But this holy town is no longer a piligrimage centre. It has now become a holiday destination.

For years, the rapid increase of the piligrims, have made it possible to build many illegal guethouses. Not only this, around 421 hydropower projects were sanctioned out of which 10 are already constructed. The hydropower construction involves drilling and digging though the earth’s surface. The Himalayas are young fold mountains which are formed by the movement of the tectonic plates.So these mountains hold loose sand and is prone to landslides. Many trees were cut to pave the path for roads.

Over 17 hectares of forests were cut. Thus, loosening the soil even further. Taking this as a situation, the cloud burst that occured on June 16th washed away all the soil downwards, thus loosening the foundation of amny buildings that were in and around the region of the river banks. This made the houses and building stopple. This created a havoc and catastrophy in Uttarakhand.

Now give your minds a thought. Don’t you think this is all because of human greed?

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