Guernica Is A Work Of Art Created By Pablo Picasso Essay Example
Guernica Is A Work Of Art Created By Pablo Picasso Essay Example

Guernica Is A Work Of Art Created By Pablo Picasso Essay Example

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  • Published: September 22, 2018
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Guernica, an artwork created by Pablo Picasso, was a response to the bombing of Guernica by Italian and German warplanes. The request to paint this piece came from the Spanish nationalist forces in April 1937, amidst the civil war in Spain.

The Spanish republican government commissioned Pablo Picasso to create a large-scale mural for the Spanish exhibit at the 1937 Paris global exposition. This mural, known as Guernica, expressed Picasso's opposition to the political system of the time. Through its depiction of the tragic impact of politics on individuals, particularly innocent civilians, Guernica has achieved monumental status. It serves as a timeless reminder of the horrors of political warfare, conveying an anti-war message and symbolizing the pursuit of peace. Ultimately, Guernica reflects the underlying theme of death resulting from war caused by Spain's political system.<



The Guernica painting revolves around a prominent, yet hidden, skull which dominates the subconscious impact on viewers. Positioned sideways and ingeniously merged with the horse's body, this skull symbolizes death. Its mechanical appearance mirrors the modern weaponry used during the 1937 bombing. Right beneath the dying horse, in the painting's focal point, lies a concealed bull's head encompassed by the shape of the horse's bent front leg. Guernica showcases depictions of tormented individuals, destroyed structures, and distressed animals ravaged by chaos and violence.

The Guernica painting symbolizes the destructive consequences of a corrupt political system by depicting the aftermath of wars. It features a sorrowful woman holding a dead child, observed by an alert bull. This artwork represents peace and emphasizes how politics can result in violence and disorder.

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