State of the Arts: A contemporary Analysis Essay

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As our world changes and evolves everyday, the things inside it are also expected to transform. This is because change has been the path that everything takes, and art is not an exemption. Art has been used mainly as an expression of the artist, or an outlet of his emotion. But evidently, art can also be used to distinguish the period it belongs to as it adapts to the changes that happen around it.

This is why I can say that the state of the arts today is very much modern, just like anything else.It has always remained to serve the purpose of expression, but the way it is presented, the way it is made, everything have already underwent major changes. One of the most important transformation that today’s art has underwent was about the materials used to produce it. One good example is Anselm Kiefer’s Osiris and Isis, a painting which utilized non-conventional materials. The 12 ft x 18 ft (approx.

) mixed media on canvas utilized nontraditional painting materials such as dirt, tar, copper threads (Monumenta. com).The elements he used in the artwork include the architecture and religion of Egypt and mixing it with contemporary materials like the electronic keyboard. The artwork’s theme includes the fear of modern technology, as it can be associated with the Egyptian god Isis, who has the power to restore or destroy lives. Gender is also tackled here, as Isis can be associated to the Madonna, and is a powerful element of the composition. Another example of a modern artwork that is present today is Rem Kolhaas’ Seattle Public Library.

This magnificent work of architecture is not like any other; with the unique designs and materials used; this structure really stands out from the rest (Arcspace. com). This is Koolhaas’ expression of what modern life should be: unique and unpredictable, yet is still able to serve its purpose. The building can be described as several stacks which are arranged in a continuous spiral ramp are contained in another building.

What this architecture wants to convey that it is world which was organized using machine-like precision, as the output would suggest it.Another contemporary work of art which can be used to define the state of the arts is Martin Puryear’s Old Mole. This sculpture doesn’t clearly depict what it was, if not for the title (Esguerra et al. ). It uses wood, red cedar, in the sculpture, but the use was not that of the old conventional ways for sculpture, which is having your way with the wood until the desired shape or form is reached. For this sculpture, it gives a new meaning to wooden sculptures, as it uses strips of red cedar instead of a whole block of wood itself.

This is a manifestation that old ways of creating art is slowly being changed and affected by the modern society. The next example would be Andreas Gursky’s photograph, Stateville, Illinois, 2002. The photo has no clear subject but the content is clearly an example of how different the modern times would be (Ehler). Despite having no clear subject, the photo’s color combination stands out. The composition of the photograph itself very much modern, wherein there is peace and order in the elements it contains.As the world changes, art also change.

There are a lot of artist who used contemporary issues just to answer their own problems. Hopefully, there are other artists who could survive things like that from time to time. The concept about art has been present ever since, but still, existence has never been a basis, instead what is being used are the artwork’s physical attributes. As the definition of several matters chances, hopefully art will also change, all to accommodate the changing needs of the people.

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