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Interview of Andy Warhol & Roy Lichtenstein Pop art historical period developed in the 1950’s. Subjects in this style come from mass culture and commercial design (Sporre 371). A reflective evaluation of pop art demonstrates the magnitude or importance of art is impartial of the subject matter. The works of two practioners of pop art Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein demonstrates the genre of pop art. Part art is fundamentally a poignant reflection of what is called the contemporary scene. The word pop was created by the English critic Lawrence Alloway.

I chose to interview the two artists Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein because they demonstrated or show the movement and aspects of pop art through advertising and comic books. Their art displayed many ideas of what is known to be abstract expressions that they expand upon. Rather than focusing on the sublime, Warhol incorporated the common and every day of his works, emphasizing the connection between creativity and commodity (Mattick1998). Lichtenstein is an artist who is inventive and versatile (Lichtenstein 1995).

The interview with Andy Warhol from the pop art period. 1. What inspired you to paint pictures of Campbell’s Soup cans? “During the 1960’s I wanted to make a statement that was going to identify me and my art work. So I wanted to make a name for myself. Pop art was a style that started in England sometime during the 1950’s. Pop art entailed realistic of every day pieces. The work that I was using was not drawing the attention that I was seeking. The idea to paint the Campbell’s Soup cans came from a friend of mine.

She advised me to paint something that I liked and that’s what I did. I used to have Campbell Soup for lunch every day for twenty years. ” 2. What are your methods that are used for your paintings? “My two primary methods for art are the blotted line and silk screening. The blotted line is a technique that is an image that I blot onto another sheet. An example of blotted line is like blotting lipstick on a piece of tissue. Silk screening is more of a condense form of blotching. ” 3. What was a familiar image you used in your paintings? I would say one of the most familiar images in my paintings would be the works of silkscreen that was painted on Campbell’s soup cans. ” 4. Why do you think your art work was considered pop art style? “I believe it is because my ambition that I had to draw the attention of the culture from the 20th century. The interview with Roy Lichtenstein from the pop art period. 1. What was your style of art that you used? “The style that I am known for with in pop art is my comic book or cartoon paintings. My cartoon paintings were an inspiration that enhanced the pop art movement. 2. What are your painting techniques? “My work often contained boxes of words and descriptions such as “Whaam”, which is commonly used in comic books. A trademark of my techniques was benday dots. Benday dots are a printing method that conjoins two or more different little dots that are used to create the third color. I used that technique because I like the effect of it and it also looked better. ” 3. What term is best used to characterize your work? “I would say pop artist is the best term to characterize my work.

My work consists of paintings that were done in free hand style of comic strips. I used paint, but I also wanted my work to look like it was made from a machine. So I would use stencils that created dots that were oversized. ” 4. It is said that you are considered the greatest pop artist after Andy Warhol. How do you feel to be compared to Andy Warhol? “I do not compare myself to Andy Warhol. I give him all the credit for his work in pop art that is due to him. We are both leaders of the pop art movement during our time.

Andy is known for his contribution to pop art for using silkscreen objects and famous people. Andy made what was known as the ordinary, he turned it into pop art. As for myself, I am known for using comic strip styles in my paintings. My work also evolved around advertisement. ” In conclusion Andy Warhol and Roy Lichtenstein are considered two of the greatest pop artists within the pop art industry. They both took their inspirations from many other artists. Warhol transformed the average pop art into pieces of art.

Lichtenstein interest in pop art style was cartoons that inspired him to create techniques such as benday dots, speech balloons, and lettering. Both artists discovered similar themes in their work which allowed them to produce multiple art pieces. Works Cited Lichtenstein, Roy. ” The Antioch Review Winter 1995: 123. Literature Resource Center. Web. Mattick, Paul. “The Andy Warhol of philosophy and the philosophy of Andy Warhol. ” Critical Inquiry 24. 4 (1998): 965+. Literature Resource Center. Web. Sporre, Dennis. Reality Through the Arts. Seventh Edition. Upper Saddle River NJ. 2010. Print.

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