Grey Gardens Documentary Essay Example
Grey Gardens Documentary Essay Example

Grey Gardens Documentary Essay Example

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  • Published: October 10, 2017
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The 1975 docudrama movie tells us about the narrative of the Beales. “Big Edie” and “Little Edie. ” aunt and cousin of Jacqueline Kennedy Onassis. severally. The two adult females lived on poorness and isolation in one of the suites of the 28-room sign of the zodiac at one of the vicinity of East Hampton. New York. Their narrative being exposed to chief publications at that clip stirred machinations and dirts. Watching the movie was a hearty experience. Sing two once affluent adult females being at the top of their category lived on squalid was a realisation about life.

The conversation the Beales had on their residence is a clear word picture of how life is when you feel that the universe has turned its dorsum on you. The Beales were brave plenty to allow the whole universe kno


w how they lived after a autumn. Leting people see their living status on that sign of the zodiac is a really strong statement. The statements the female parent and girl had revealed secrets and contentions of how they lived their lives. “Little Edie” taking attention of her ill female parent has caused her despair go forthing her life and calling behind. “Big Edie” vocalizing on the docudrama showed hope and optimism about life.

The docudrama is really realistic comparing it to the modern-day docudramas we are seeing right now. There was no redacting done as you can see the camera adult male on the movie speaking to the Beales. The lighting and images though non of good quality makes the audience put themselves on the places of the two characters. There were parts of the movie where th

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images are obscured but would still cognize what’s go oning because of the two characters duologues. The sound quality of the movie truly captured the true emotions of “Big Edie” and “Little Edie” . The doggedness of the characters was clearly shown on the movie.

Comparing this documental movie to other movies. it became clear that this has followed the life narrative of the two characters. Unlike many other documental movies wherein merely the selected chapters are highlighted on the narrative. this was something different. It was attractively crafted demoing every spot and pieces of how the two adult females lived their lives entirely together in that desolated sign of the zodiac. Large Edie’s birthday jubilation was a heartwarming scene stating everybody that poorness is ne'er a hinderance to merry doing. The music played on the movie and the frocks worn by the characters are interrelated demoing what decennary it is.

The sound of the sea though non seen on the movie represented that the sign of the zodiac was someplace near a sea. The rustle. vocalizing. dancing depicts the provinces of head of the characters making more impact to the viewing audiences. The emotions of desperation. injury. defeat and ennui emanated from the characters’ duologues and vocals. The movie was more of a world show than a documental movie. This is a world show in the sense that this is a true to life narrative demoing the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours life of two adult females populating in what we call today slum country.

Documentary movies presents are run by a host/reporter steering us to the narrative. narrating to us every item of it. Grey Gardens

was narrated to us by the characters. The Beales presented their narrative on camera which has captured the Black Marias of those who have watched it. It is really phantasmagoric doing those who have watched it active and going related to the characters. The movie is extraordinaire. The abstracting techniques made by the film maker are slightly similar to how “Avant-garde” or experimental movies are made. However. this film’s construction was a spot deformed.

The message the film maker wanted to convey was non clear at the start of the docudrama. There was no debut or a narrative given when the film started. If you are non a fan of docudramas. you will acquire bored and will non even seek to complete watching the movie. There are inclinations that you’ll expression into reappraisals foremost about the movie before even watching it. The man’s character sing the Beales on the movie has non been established and you can’t even indicate out how if he is in anyhow related to the chief characters.

The movie can besides be politically influenced as the Beales are related to Jennifer Kennedy Onassis and one scene from the movie showed “Little Edie” dancing with US flag and there was one scene every bit good where the two are discoursing about the consequences of the election. This women’s lives being shown and publicized to public has created dirts and guesss about Jennifer Kennedy Onassis. The film’s sound and image quality was averagely done as movie doing engineering during that clip was non yet to the full developed.

It did non necessitate much of an redaction as what was shown was what the film makers captured

on their lenses. There was no soundtrack used. The lone sounds you can hear are the female parents speaking and singing. the adult male sing them. the wireless and the sound of the beach nearby. The scenes appear non be chronologically arranged unlike many docudramas where the day of the months and times are mentioned. Unlike many other docudramas. the movie besides does non hold a short sum-up towards the terminal. As an audience you are left with many inquiries on your head believing how the narrative of the female parent and girl ended.

The phone call towards the terminal to “Big Edie” was heartwarming. yes. but it did non give any lucidity at all to what the film maker wanted to convey. If you have non read the reappraisals or narratives of the characters on the movie. you will decidedly inquire yourself how did these two adult females ended up populating on that sign of the zodiac. What was the sign of the zodiac mean to them? How did they stop up being together after being separated for about 25 old ages? Is “Little Edie” vomit excessively? What was that piece of vesture she wore ever on her caput. Overall. the movie was a socially nurturing experience. It was a learning experience.

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