Generational marketing

Which group has the most consumers?
What is the time frame of millenials?
What do the majority millenials care about most?
Being a good parent
What makes millenials unique?
Technology, their music, liberal and tolerance, intelligence, clothing and fashion
Millenials top social media use?
Check their media several times a day
What are four other names for millenials?
Echo boomers, net generation, boomerang generation, Peter Pan generation
What is the time frame of matures?
What is the top media habits for matures?
They Read News paper and print, watch tv and listen radio
What are some ways to win over matures?
They like to read, courtesy and customer service, understand their history, presentations should be magazine-like
What should you avoid with matures?
Fast talking, making them feel hustled, and too much personalization
What works with matures?
Direct mail, credible pitchman, print ads, catalogs, radio messages
What are Media habits about boomers?
They think it’s all about them, buy based on convenience and commemorating successes, half of them watch tv news and the other half still read the news paper and they frequently respond to mail
How to win boomers over?
Capture their attention in seconds, appreciate their business, they want to leave a legacy media should be magazine like
What to avoid with boomers?
Lengthy marketing messages
What works with boomers?
Traditional collateral, print ads, advertorials, catalogs, radio messages, personalized mail with facts
What are some things that describe genX?
Disaffection with governance, lack of trust in leadership, political apathy, increase in divorce, educational variance , they want a good career but also want family time
What did the genX witness?
The start of the Internet, end of the Cold War, aids, the 90s, the start of ATMs and remote controls
What are GenX media habits?
They are market savvy, have complex lives seeking for simplification, love “hip” fun, promises are important to them, tv news on comedy channels
Who are the millennials?
Generation of change, abortion, poverty, divorce, and homicide peaked
What do we know about millennials?
1/5 have 1 immigrated parent, have better educated parents, grew up in a monumental financial boom, safest generation, raised in smaller families, civic minded, collectively optimistic, long term planners
What do we know about millennial media?
Expect technology everywhere, it’s cool to be smart, have had cell phones since children, interested in where they will live and their careers
Millennials are high achievers with a low rate of…
Violent crime, teen pregnancy, smoking, alcohol abuse
What are millennials influence by?
Customer service, by their parents, and are masters of negotiation
How do you win over millennials?
Go where they go- malls and movies, make websites, freebies, coupons, social media, mobile messaging

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