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Final Marketing Plan, Victoria Secrets Essay Sample
Final Marketing Plan, Victoria Secrets Essay Sample

Final Marketing Plan, Victoria Secrets Essay Sample

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  • Published: August 25, 2018
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Plan Selling is a important portion of any new merchandise line. A good researched advanced selling program is a must when be aftering a successful merchandise launch. This concluding selling program for Victoria’s Secret Lil’ Devil’s line of men’s-wear incorporates all the necessary stairss involved in a successful selling program and merchandise launch.

Organizational Overview

Victoria’s Secret is the taking forte retail merchant of intimate apparel. runing more than 1.

000 shops across the United States. Part of the larger organisation Limited Brands. which is based out of Columbus Ohio. has built a superior signifier of trade name acknowledgment. Victoria’s Secret has helped.

possibly more than any other trade name. pull attending to the intimate apparel industry ( White. 2004. p. 1 ) . The trade name Victoria’s Secret virtually monopolizes the intimate apparel concern in promenades all across the United States.

Roy Raymond established Victoria’s Secret in San Francisco during the early 1970’s. The construct was to set up a cosy. ask foring atmosphere similar to that of a Victorian boudoir ( White. 2004.p. 1 ) . Roy’s Victoria’s Secret. consisting of three shops and a catalog concern. was acquired by Limited Brands.

among some contention. in 1982. Many falsely believe that Victoria’s Secret was of British heritage. an image which some say was perpetuated by its parent company ( White. p.1 ) . Presently Victoria’s Secret offers a big mixture of merchandises that are non merely lingerie based. In the shop portion of the organisation. there are besides beauty and aroma merchandises that include cosmetics and tegument attention. In the Victoria’s Secret catalog and Web.

the mixture varies even furth


er with intimate apparel. aroma and beauty. swimsuit. dress and places. Within the Victoria’s Secret trade name. there are sub-brands or aggregations.

These sub-brands have besides built acknowledgment. The sub-brands are Pink. Very Sexy. Body by Victoria and Angels. These sub-brands have their ain individuality but offer and present quality.

manner and sexy that the mega-brand is known for.Much of Victoria’s Secret’s success is attributed to Grace Nichols. Nichols joined Victoria’s Secret in 1986 as frailty president. general ware director.

In 1988. she was promoted to executive frailty president. In 1991. Nichols was named President and CEO of Victoria’s Secret. Under Nichol’s leading.

Victoria’s Secret has become one of the top 10 recognized trade names in the universe and the taking forte retail merchant of intimate apparel ( White. 2004. p. 1 ) .

Currently. Nichols is portion of a co-leadership theoretical account and portions her place with Mark Weikel. Both are considered Presidents of Victoria’s Secret. nevertheless. Nichols specializes in the ware piece and Weikel in the operations. The mission statement of Limited Brands.

Victoria’s Secret parent company. sums up the ends and focal point of the company. “Limited Brands is committed to constructing a household of the world’s best manner trade names to make sustained growing of stockholder value by concentrating its clip. endowment. and capital on the highest return chances. ”Merchandise DescriptionA man’s virtue is mostly determined by the apparels he wears.

So logically. a man’s unmentionables provide the necessary foundation for his outward visual aspect. Men’s underclothes has non ever been a manner statement. Any sort of unmentionable that

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did non pouch.

droop. bind or shrivel in the wash was deemed equal.Victoria Secret knows that a man’s demands are more than the authoritative long-handles with the posterior two-button flap that were worn many decennaries ago. “Once the pillar of sense and reputability has long been mutely lost.

that is that the dorsum of a man’s unmentionables should be a big buttonable square of stuff. which could roll comically if left undone” ( Graham ) . In mention to the contemporary pugilist trunkss. Victoria’s Secret realizes times have changed dramatically and is ready to establish the Victoria’s Secret Men’s line.Victoria’s Secret will be the new ‘designer’ of men’s underwear and sleepwear. We have designed a new brief with great design.

unusual cloths. fantastic colourss and combinations. and great assortment of pick made for underwear going a ‘fashion’ point. Today work forces can acquire underwear for athleticss. insouciant. love affair.

figure sweetening. heat ( thermals ) . wit. and with double intents such as the inclusion of pockets from the same shop that has made their women’s sleep/underwear line the leader in front of all the others.

In add-on. like the women’s designs. the newest and hottest manners are about wholly seamless.Underwear is a manner pillar today and what better corporation to pull off that manner than Victoria’s Secret. ” Executives from the fabrication. retail and selling spheres agree the cardinal challenge is larning to understand the cultural divides and how they affect different gustatory sensation levels” ( Monget ) .

All mode of Bikini. Jockey shortss. lashs. strings. drawerss and athletic supporters are available for the modern man’s gustatory sensations and penchants. The huge bulk of trade names employ immature. thin. about bare male theoretical accounts as their merchandising point. Calvin Klein. Sauvage. Tommy Hilfiger. Jockey. and a myriad of others post their sex-drenched ads in magazines and on hoardings everyplace.

Today. sex sells merely about anything. and it would be more than safe to presume that Victoria’s Secret knows sex entreaty and what it takes to stand above the remainder when it comes to underwear and sleepwear.Victoria’s Secret markets their merchandises entirely through their ain shops. catalogs and Internet site.

Buyers for each of the Victoria’s Secret shops every bit good as end-consumers will be expected purchasers of the new men’s line. The mark market for the enlargement into intimate menswear will be broad and deep. Work force of all ages will bask the epicurean feel of the silk pyjama and pugilist trunkss every bit good as the mixture of other unmentionables and slippers planned for the new launch. The merchandise mixture will besides concentrate on comfort. tantrum. quality and manner.

Womans who are current buyers of the Victoria’s Secret women’s line of bandeaus. panties. intimate apparel and beauty including aroma and cosmetics. will shortly be featherbeding the work forces in their lives.

The Victoria’s Secret men’s line will include a full scope of men’s confidant wear. Included in the line up are five different manners of underwear. two manners of pyjama. two manners of robes and four different manners of under-shirts.

Available in a assortment of solid colourss and prints in cotton. poly-cotton blends. satin and silk and cotton-spandex

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