Fast Food Consumption Has a Negative Impact on Society(Expostion)

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“Fast food consumption has a negative impact on society” Fast food, it’s another word for an unhealthy meal. It’s convenient, quick and cheap and no preparation is needed. It’s the reason why many adults and children settle for this option of eating, but it’s also the reason why many of us are so unhealthy. There’s nothing good about eating fast food other than the taste. It’s high in sugar and salt and lacks in nutrition, it’s definitely not a meal that should be eaten every day.

Not everything inside these fast foods is real; they contain high amounts of preservatives and artificial substances and at times even industrial chemicals. Fast food chains such as McDonalds and Hungry Jack’s are the main cause of obesity in children and in adults. Obesity can lead to high blood pressure, diabetes, joint problems and heart disease. Also obesity is hereditary and may be passed on to affect younger ones, even if they eat a healthy diet.

With obesity on the up rise, many teenagers are being either prevented or distracted from doing things helpful towards them. Not only does fast food degrade these children physically, but also mentally. These obese children may be targeted at school and

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be picked on because of their appearance, which may lead to low self esteem and depression. After considering the above points, it clearly shows that fast food consumption has a negative impact on society. It interferes with our lives and at the same time is a hazard to our health. This affects us and our future generation.

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