Factors that effect PE ratio Essay Example
Factors that effect PE ratio Essay Example

Factors that effect PE ratio Essay Example

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  • Published: February 13, 2018
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Eased Skater, who at the time assistance and advice and opened the way for me to complete the research in this important topic and very wide. Was sure that education and their illnesses to transfer knowledge that I did not find it very difficult to give the ink of my thoughts and information. He also expressed gratitude to all those people who came to offer assistance to complete this research. Abstract the pressure Price to Earning ratio..

Anyway;ay, we used in this study and selected quantitative approach of this study, if we can change variable book values and ancillary data for four variables, including the dividend yield, interest rates, market growth and Karachi Stock Exchange collected in "that support data collection for the study of the most effective tools, as the (SSP) announced balance sheet analysis, Re


view of the theoretical Price to earning ratio used in this study includes variables for the theory. It also includes the theory of regression analysis. Ladled Statistical Package For Social Sciences software for data analysis. Were performed on experimenter's data and the results of several important. In this study, the conclusion can be deduced that drive Price to Earning ratio of the stock market and other forces of Pakistan. Example, the conclusions that can be drawn from the results of our research, has the ability to almost all variables selection in the stock market of Pakistan P/ E ratio as described in Keywords: in the book, the Price to Earning ratio, dividend, interest rates, risk, growth, market, regression analysis.

Bass Banana and Miller Goodman and Pave and Johnson, Fire and Subzero and other studies was to evaluate the

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relative performance of the high and low Price to Earning portfolio of low Price to Earning ratio and underestimate the stock and, therefore, has was conducted to determine the need to escape the high Price to Earning ratio of strategy stock. Price / earnings ratio of the stock relative rating scale widely used mostly by practitioners, as a metric to determine whether overestimate the percentage of stock or two transverse series of comparisons and time have been used A was completed in 2002 when they are in the Canadian interest rates on the market and analyze the relationship between price earning ratio Amok - Dada and Smith.

Seven research groups of the TTS (financial services, utilities, merchandising, consumer product's industrial product's Earning ratio of a negative correlation between the interest rate increases when the Price to Earning ratio has been reduced. Was similar to 2005 Anderson and Brooks, to decompose the price-earnings ratio can be improved as a tool for the evaluation study. They say for example this year being measured the Price to Earning ratio of a particular stock is determined in part by the influence of the operating company and the size of the external sector. In this study, they 1975-2003, the effects of all companies listed on the London Stock Exchange during the external inspection and dismantling.

1. 1 Proposed research question: Factors deserve to leverage on Pakistanis stock market price ratio. 2 Objectives: The purpose of this study is to identify the variables that affect the P / E ratio on the stock exchanges of Pakistan. Means that the link describes our research elements to generate revenue Individual investors or the market

or specific companies to earn prize money by analyzing the reports therefore can be useful.

1. 3 Research Questions: This study examines the following questions. ; The dividend yield is the ratio of price to earn this mean for me? Earn money ; any interest rate fluctuations, when the price? Earn; Market growth affects the variable?

Reservations can earn market interest rates, similar to the effect on the price? 1. Significance of Research: It is very important to price research gangway. All investors and business or economic students macro environment is often the impact on future earnings and share price performance of the company to have a big impact, and AY. Therefore, it is of great interest to explain how changes in these variables as a percentage of the revenue impact on the prices.

Research on Pakistanis stock market investors, as well as for people who are interested in the stock market and finance students study is specially important because it is presented in English, and have an interest in the Pakistani market to international investors.

Completely in the research, must be presented in order to understand the data reader field and some previous experience to understand econometric be Chapter 2.

Literature Review

Import price figures, one of the most widely reported in the business press (P / E ratio). Typically as an indicator of the quality of the investment, a relatively high P / E ratio P / E ratio represents "bad" Investment Outlook understood while. Has a relatively low P / E ratio, a good investment With a P / E ratio on the market a variety f obvious interest and significant scientific research to investigate

the role of the ratio of the market value of securities in the analysis.

Earned value, and the relationship to the market price of the shares in the analytical framework used, for example, evidence Bass (1983) that the P / E ratio on the market and Olson are (AAA 1983) is used to configure the portfolio performance offers other reasons, it's P / E ratio of companies in the theoretical relationship between the practice and the prices and yields of academic interest in the P / E ratio of broad acceptance Given Many recent studies have examined more surprising.

Between business interests of the change of the cross section of a description can be the difference between bookkeeping, are investigated, including the variables. Across the country in a series of studies related Living Lee, 1991, and 1990, Potherb, Aaron, France, 1989, Chainmen, 1989, 1989), significant differences in the P / E ratio (Bilberries other.

On a positive note, an interesting empirical phenomenon in most of the previous research is expected by documenting a negative relationship, even though the P / E ratio and dividends is related. That is, increased systematic beheading the company roped the price of the stock and therefore P / E ratio is reduced because it is expected. As a general rule, however, most of the previous studies have documented the relationship between the proportion of positive and P / E Dividend. Denton, Living and Todd (1993) by deriving an exact definition for growth and risk were P / E, examines the growth and the risk of the relationship between the simple theoretical model.

Ordinary income to risk-free rate, the Company's dividend policy and

the function of the random shock "define general" in terms of income, as the expected income growth.

They also measure the systematic risk of more general growth in the future (IEEE, abnormal profits) from the point of view of the uncertainty in predicting the risk or "beta" as defined. Empirical Tests and as a non-linear relationship between the P / E ratio and more sales and estimates of the risk study design measures obstreperousness contains. Gordon continued growth theory measurement model (1962) with a P / E of the determinants of many previous studies as a starting point for Exposition's.

In this model, the growth rate of the dividend on the dividend-bearing value for money has been paid, and is interested in the shaft. Previous studies usually give a linear relationship between the regression method with the change of variables and P / E. Hang because the profits go to zero, go to P / E to infinity (see White, earnings / price ratio (E / P) often, instead of using the P / E and E / P is the linear interest and revenue growth, as it relates to 2000, 1978, Beaver and Morse, and Jane and Rosette, 2001). Gordon model is derived from a naive assumption of continued growth, while the study of the past, Gordon variable P / E.

Empirically important determinants below shows that Flynn (1996), P / E in 1993 and 968, S & P 500 dividend yield, and expect a positive relationship between income growth was found. White (2000) no longer sample period (1926-1997) reported for the similar results. Decompose the return on the risk-free rate and the risk premium for

most of the previous research required. Many of the paper provides evidence to outperform low-P / E stocks with high P / E stocks.

More than in previous studies in the Bass (1975, 1977) after adjustment for silver in danger documented low P / E stock portfolio has a higher average return than the high P / E shares for sales to find Goodman and Pave (1983 and 1985 ) to calculate the risk of introducing bias and found that to solve low P / E effect Bass rare trade updates maintained by research. Levy and Learn (1985) to minimize transaction costs, integration and transaction costs, if only to find a low P / E effect Add proxy study size on the low P / E effect (Ban and Breed, 1986 Goodman and Pave, 1986) must be called Gaffe, Kim and Westfield P / E effect, which may occur, especially in January to view that show, 1989).

Leafstalk (1994), with the sample of interest and the Canadian camp, check the owe P / E effect, and find a small Canadian companies receive higher risk-adjusted the quarter to December. Campbell and Sheller (1998, 2001), P / E time series back to value ratio importance and predict changes in the share price, to prove to be historically accurate claim. One possible explanation for the ability to P / E ratio of investors to news or noise will analyze overreact.

Diverse body of literature to investigate the problem of investment on the stock price reaction Overreaction 2) Inspection: 1) to test for the presence of over-reaction and psychological roots of intro experiments and cross-bearing most one of the two

categories of literature in the fall.

Keenan and Taverns (1973) provided one of the motivations of the first analysis of the stock market overreact. People tend as a rule to put too much weight on the weight and not enough information put on the latest information on the previous assertions that hypersensitivity to the basic information for investors can apply investors systematically less than, or as a result of security misprinting proposed. Dreams asserts (1979), similar to an overreaction that investors overestimate consistently given the current strong performance and the current cake performers people underestimate the psychological explanation suggested. Many of the overreaction hypothesis testing experiments are favorable in a controlled environment.

Subjects in the experimental asset markets (usually students) in cash and marketable securities, the beginning of the grant aid and simulate the double auction markets can work a deal on the stock exchange. The default value of the securities on the set of the trading period, and average pay dividends on securities referred to generally be made readily apparent. Despite this knowledge, in repeated experiments (Smith, Issuance and Williams, 1988, Porter and Smith, 1994 and Canalling, Porter and Smith, 1999), investors usually created the bubble and crash, the price is too high to run. These symptoms are especially clear when the inexperienced volunteers, participants learn to be closer to the standard values of repeated experiments, experience and price assets.

A large number of studies on the behavior of individual stocks or large positive and negative price shocks, dependent check of the validity of the overreaction hypothesis by the returned test For original post in this literature Dependent and Taller (1985, 1987) "winners" and

"losers" of the research market performance with CRISP data from 926 to 1982, Dependent and Taller time below average shares typically found. In addition, the overreaction effect for the weaker than to the winner of a major and May (long-term losers performance of long-term winners) the January effect can be integrated: Brown and Harrow (1988) 1946 to 1983 reviewed by a sample of NYSE companies and loser stocks (defined) for large negative surplus and stock price to find resolutions. Howe (1986) from 1963 until his return to the increase within a week, or more than 50% over 1981 examined listed on the NYSE, AMES or any shares. Both inners and losers in the next 10 weeks, he discovered that the exhibit large price reversals.

Bremen Sweeney (1991) 1962 1986 an average 3. 95% for the five things you find winners (10% or more, depending on the price drop significantly exceed revenues) Fortune 500 companies, the biggest one-day price changes and the appearance of the losers were found to earn.

Fame and French (1992), the book value of the shares at a lower price and low P / E stock shows greater during the period from 1963 to 1990 when the market for performance. Similar results for the and Elevation were found (1993). In general, the P / E ratio of both cross-sectional and mime series of stock returns to useful summary is to predict the previous research has been described.

On average, the performance of the high P / E stocks, low P / E stocks. High P / E ratio can be on the overvaluation and these overvaluation investments may be overreacting. Previous studies "raw"

such as increasing the focus on the price-earnings ratio matching due to the change of the basic factors that affect the P / E ratio, if P / E of the increase does not recognize the display failed overvaluation.

Not explained by changes in the basis of the P / E only changes consistent with undervaluation or overvaluation. Profit (yield) importer introduced in mutual, price-earnings ratio and price as a benchmark for stock valuation primarily by Graham and Dodd in 1934, in the literature.

P / E ratio of the application was with the idea that income is related to the value of the base, the fact that usually several times the income of the current decision-making at the level of specific P / E- Commerce on the basis of their turnover / market makers and financial investors have recognized the value of each share Author a basic calculation of the current P / E ratio indicates that you are not an accurate assessment of the stock. Conclusion, P / E ratio selected first involvement was to be regarded as approximate.

Succeeded on the market in the long run to produce round, which is a tool for implementing the specific financial strategies. First appeared in the literature, these strategies (Graham and The addendum (1934), the concept of Drayman (1977)) "value strategies" was the subject of many of the world's financial experts and scientists of the study. Affordable prices and dividends, profits, cash flow, book value of assets and sharing can be an excellent financial year is worth investing in stocks based on accounting profit / the incept of strategies be.

Later studies (Bass (1977), Gaffe, Kim and

Westfield (1989) and Fame, France (1992) P / E ratio (E / P), with the effect of the basic principles of this strategy is supported. They produce a low P / E ratio and high return was share your results suggests a P / E ratio as an indicator of the price of the shares in accordance with the evidence.

Of course, other strategies have been implemented to take advantage of investors perform behavioral and physiological factors. Some of these theories to Justify the existence of the P / E as De Bond and Taller (1985, 1987), he majority of investors showed Corporate News hypersensitivity volatility in compliance with the price of the shares of an over-reaction of the opposition movement in price change as she explains.

This idea was imperfect from income measure of shareholder value, the increased claim that the author (1998) This view was taken by the fact that current income by the cost of the current, clearly structured (in the tournament) accounting method currently earn from the sale of appropriate support that is deducted affected. According to the author's view of the market price and the expected value in the future business operations in connection tit the amendment to be added. On the other hand, the current income to shareholders, the current value is the. Comparison between the P / E expects that the current value and the value of the value-add.

For example, investors may occur news about the offer higher incomes if they are too high share price of the company appeared to overreact for the price correction will occur sometime in the next three to five years. Therefore, changes are

on a high level in the first year (price) increase be reduced.

Noontime the negative price effect in the same period of publication. As result, a low P / E of the higher initial value after returning and connected. Negative news on the revenue growth is as follows: If P / E reduced, higher future income (price correction) has learned during the time of the next three years from five years.

Alfred (1992), P / E is an accurate measure of the valuation of stock options as has been found. His research a P / E shows the diversity of the various decisions on the level of risk and revenue growth of personal firms is completed. In addition, the industry seems to be a good predictor factor for the growth of income of associated risks and P / E ratio.

Alfred was the industry using the P / E and earnings per share of the Company (PEPS) has been proven an accurate assessment of their value multiplied by P / E valuation of the accuracy of the estimate was created under the efficient market hypothesis.

Successful in the market, to the market price of the random changes reflect the new information. Therefore, the theoretical price of around Alfred accuracy test calculated with a P / E ratio can be used of course can not hold many inefficient market conditions. Athens Stock Exchange (EASE) in the recent empirical research (Syrians, Dissociating (2002)) support and strengthen the performance of alee strategies.

Future performance of high and low P / E ratios and high dividend yield (D / P), regardless of the danger of recording and the authors have strong

evidence provided. Conversely, a low M / B (book market) ratio and the value-NV (small businesses) to earn huge profits in the market, but the low, the high cost of risk management, and only when the boom market low of inch above argument B / M additional risk for the configuration realized at this time, these shares before the great boom and stock market downturn at the time to the conclusion that you should avoid connected. Before the high profits in a period of rising prices for the overreaction of investors will be displayed.

Certain important factors that led to exploration of the traditional theory of the CAMP. The researchers found that to obtain stocks with low systematic risk for higher profits in the future. This market for more than ASSES overall efficiency was not attributed to these results Fame France (1992), in agreement with previous studies.

Chapter 3

Theoretical frame work

And research in this part of the theory we need to understand the methodology and analysis.

Down on the tests used to ensure that the importance of having a wide angel of interests include both theory and the theory. Price to Earning is the dependent variable, while the book value, Dividend Yield, growth, interest rates and the market: I identify independent variables.

If the change in the independent variable occurs affects the dependent variable Theoretical Model ' Depended variable Independent variable Interest rate Market to book value Dividend yield 3. 0 PIE ratio In our model, we consider five variables contribute to the United States in an attempt to explain the change in the P / E for all market segments and different. As

mentioned above does not discuss relevant, and they values interest distribution ratio Dividend Yield About and market growth, and the proportion of debt and the market value of the book. Associated gates will try to determine why we consider the variables and comments on this P / E.

Pour be able to do so, we need to grow discount Gordon (1962) dividend model, which is well known and used all investors generally as Gordon explains and demonstrates CASE all that reliable income can be used in large part to that investors assess the actions flow profits of expected June interest This model shows the share of Less QUEUE current interest rate in the POP the present value of a long-term expected earnings, or earnings period is Del next. Interest in the profits this GUN rate g continued growth. Investors do not have all the rate of return on investment and as such shares is this mite be greater than g in this case. This tear in the eyes of Justice assessment model as follows: Model shows QUEUE EL current share price Civil June profits interest exists now and again with a negative outlook from growth performance requirements distributions casting expense ratio P / E of this interest is clear from all fell model.

Two dividing the dividend equation Coates discounts El nominal interest and the World Health Organization, which BON give the following equation: From this equation, we can not determine which variable and difficult to set Quebec P / E.

In fact, it can rewrite the equation if BON BON See QUEUE EL II P / E ratio based Pavilion June: (payment of dividends expected

growth rate, return on shareholders' equity required) Since the requirement stock performance, June as a Job in itself daring securities, and it's good o be variable given the right to extract dare consider. And can be used all the courage the stock market as a casting agent performance required.

Thus, in our study, we use the volatility of financial markets while As bold 3. 1 Market to Book Ratio: The market value of equity divided with the book value of equity has been investigated by many. Some analysts consider a firm with low market to book value to be a safer investment, seeing the book value as a floor for the value of the firm and therefore supporting the market price.

They view the book value as the level below which market price will not fall because the company always has an option to sell its asset for the book value. But of course in some cases a firm has been sold for less than the book value. Nevertheless, a low market to book value can be seen as some kind of margin of safety.

It should be mentioned that the book value does not necessarily represent the liquidation value of the firm which makes the margin of safety notion unreliable. The theory of a high market to book value indicates that investors think that the firm has opportunities of earning a rate of return that is greater than the market capitalization rate, k. Regression analysis is a way to try to clarify and assess the relationship between different variables.

In other words, is an attempt to explain the evolution of the dependent variable with respect to

fluctuations of one or more of the variables? In the regression of the dependent variable is in most cases represents y and explanatory variables with Q. Supposed to be a random variable y and thus the probability distribution.

When you make a regression analysis, there are two values that are interesting. One of these transactions Monday is the goodness of appropriate statistics, which is referred to as RE.

This factor addresses the question of how the model contains explanatory variables explain the variation in fact dependent variable. In other words, how to regression fits the data, which is a measure of how this model is inadequate. Another important value is the standard deviation, which measures whether residues are distributed normally form. 3. 4 Multiple Regression Analysis: The overall goal of multiple regression is to assess and analyze the relationships between several explanatory variables and the dependent variable.

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