Example Answers for Tasks on Management in the Automobile Industry
Example Answers for Tasks on Management in the Automobile Industry

Example Answers for Tasks on Management in the Automobile Industry

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  • Published: October 7, 2017
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Henry Ford was the laminitis of the Ford motor company in 1903 with really few people working in it earlier yearss as established And subsequently as the old ages of adversity from 1903-1920 Ford was seeking to do its name in the united provinces by fabricating new theoretical accounts in the market. As the old ages past Ford became one of the best auto company in the united provinces and later bit by bit come ining into the planetary market in the economical universe and going one of the most sure car industry in the universe.

This company had its ain vision, mission and values as remainder of the other company ‘s did which helped this company to judge its ain public presentation which in common concern term is known as ‘our vision ‘ , ‘our mission ‘ and ‘our values ‘ .

Henry Fords vision was to do the company universe ‘s taking in the automative lines in both its in merchandises and its services.

His mission was to do the company a globally diversed with great honor and pride in the top lists with wholly committed people working with them.

And in conclusion the values were to make first-class things for the people taking into consideration the environment factor in the universe of scientific discipline and besid


es to maintain up with their clients satisfaction.

Ford dint merely found the car company he besides was the pioneer of the collection of the auto fabrication system. He introduced the manner to fabricate new autos in a short period of clip therefore salvaging the clip factor in universe of concern which made the Ford company one of the male monarch of high spots in the earlier yearss and even today. In add-on to this portion from automative lines ford the enterprenuer besides had made a great alterations in the on the job hours of the workers, he started to do the company run full twenty-four hours by doing displacements for the workers which helped in doing a good net income for the company.

Well speaking about the Ford motors in united land as the chosen subject by myself the research made by me showed that Ford motor company is at the top five best selling company in this state over the past old ages doing its topographic point in the peoples mind over the old ages. Some of the names of the theoretical accounts over here are Ka, Fiesta, Fusion, Focus, C-Max, Mondeo, S-Max, Kuga, Galaxy. Talking about the organisational sectors this company plays the function as public sector as it is globally established and the chief ground of mine behind chosing this organisation is that as we all know that Ford was the first auto company in the universe to come up with mechanization and besides adopted new advanced thoughts in its field for illustration debut of new manner of piecing the auto, alteration in day-to-day working hours system, which encouraged me to take up with the undertaking as the enterprenure of the company Sir

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Henry Ford is known for his new invovative thoughts that is active fabrication, piecing and the manner he handled the concern construction og his orgnisation in which I will besides derive tonss of cognition in making the undertaking.

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Undertaking 1 B )

As in recent old ages recession had severely effected most of universe ‘s major every bit good as other companies right from banking to educational sector of organisation, most of the companies went in loss but there were some few companies which survived in this important environment. Ford motor company was besides one of the victim of the resesion period in which the company had to travel throw loss for a certain period of the clip like GM or Chrysler, bmw etc and as a consequence of this the company had to truly make some great thought and had to travel throw some of the reenginnering processes which would helped them to get the better of the current state of affairs. The critical and anylytical thought of the company ‘s people working under them made up its new programs and schemes in such a manner that The company could even survie in the important state of affairss like recession and crisese state of affairs and be its best among all the other compititors. Some of the major alterations of the company were their selling, debut of new type of auto in the market, client services offer etc.

So as a consequence of this Ford took the iniciative to walk entirely in its manner as there were other compititors besides confronting the same jobs nad this one wanted to be different from the remainder one time, as said above some of the illustrations off the major schemes of be aftering they had taken was in footings of

Strategic selling planning: –

The selling procedure applies the same for all companies as advertizement. The Ford motor company had to restrucrture its advertizement policy in order to derive the more figure of clients for illustration: – eco friendly auto like Ford fete with less co2 emmision etc they had to come up with new signifier of advertizement which the people will acquire attratted excessively better than the remainder of the others by adding the characteristic or the pillars of its quality, eco friendlyness and safety point in the heads of the people.the company non merely have to telivesion advertizement they had to tpo on-line advertizement besides, pamplets advertisement with burden of of creativeness in it.Ford had to besides spread out its concern towards the different parts of the Earth as a consequence of the extremely skilled selling schemes.

Introduction of the new autos: –

The company had to happen new ways in footings of production of good quality of autos with improved engine, good public presentation, and with great satisfaction of the people for this the company had to present good types and assortment of autos right from the economic to the high category people. And the company chiefly made the market in the most of the Europe states inlcluding United Kingdom, usa

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