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The mother of the infant child did not provide enough information for the medical professionals to make an accurate conclusion of what or how the infant was injured. More data collection was needed and the nurse and physician could have asked more questions. The nurse conducted herself appropriately and assessed the patient and reported her findings to the ER physician. The nurse is bound by her licensure to serve and protect her patients.

This nurse should have discussed with the physician the reporting of “alleged” abuse.

There is no need for the medical staff to consider that this was abuse neither by the family nor by the child care provider. It is not for the medical team to decide who is at fault or if there is a reasonable explanation for the injury. Medical professionals are members of a very diverse workforce that are advocates for patients with health care issues. These patients all have different values and morals and we as the care givers need to be comfortable with our decisions in the best interest of our patients.

This case study represents that there is a fine line within our working profession as to whether we as the care givers should contact authorities regarding the injuries of this infant.

There are different scenarios to think about in this case and whether the proper authorities should be notified. This infant may have fallen out of a crib at the day care facility while in their care. The infant could have been hit by someone, or the unthinkable and the infant may have been abused at home. We are the medical team caring for patients not the authorities that bring criminals to justice.

It is our duty to relay adequate information to the authorities that we are told or acquire in the course of a conversation with patients families. Education within our work environments with the staff and those ancillary departments is essential for the ethical, moral dilemmas to be handled appropriately by the medical team. Ethical committees can provide a lot of educational benefits to our medical staff and ancillary departments as well as being there for support and help when needed. Being patient advocates empowers nurses to speak loudly, clearly and strongly for our patients.

We also are there to help the patient discuss their needs and desires and help them make the choices that are most appropriate for them to reach their optimal medical goal of wellness. This case study has put these medical professionals in a moral and ethical stress that I am sure many of us have encountered in our careers as nurses. The physician may have truly believed that there was no deliberate injury. The nurse on the other hand may have been concerned of this possible abuse and may have been torn as to whether or not she should approach her ER physician with her concerns.

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