Essay on Immigration

Immigration played a very important role in American history and is perhaps one of the greatest controversial issues of our present time. There are many sides to immigration, and no matter where you are from, most views on immigration are saddening. Most immigrants lead lives that the rest of us only read about in books.

During many years a great number of immigrants had been moving to the United States, and according to the U.S. Census, in 1990, the overall number of immigrants was represented by the account of twenty-eight million. There are many different reasons why people have their country to go to another country, like:

  • To Escape Conflict Zones
  • Economic reasons
  • Escape Poverty
  • High Standard Of Living
  • Higher Education
  • Love
  • Family Influences

In some cases, people migrate with the knowledge or hope that more opportunities will be available to them in their particular field than at home.

Others migrate after employment has already been offered to them. Some people genuinely believe they belong in a different country. Many times minorities (religious or sexual) seen the need to move from their home country to a more tolerant nation, so they can begin the life they always wanted.

Immigration: Shaping and Reshaping American Politics

On the American political agenda, few issues are more divisive and more complex than immigration. The current policies and practices have no shortage of problems, from the large number of illegal immigrants living in the country to the delays and difficulties that confront many illegal immigrants in the United States. Immigration is an issue of […]

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Immigration Test Questions Persuasive

The author of this article is talking about the discrimination of school admissions. According to her, there have been reports from reliable sources that many schools in the United States were demanding students to produce their national documents to show their nationality. Consequently, based on the nationality of each student, the school administration denied some […]

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The Huddled Masses, the Immigrant in American Society

The assignment is based on the analysis of the book The Huddled Masses, the Immigrant in American Society, 1880-1921 which is authored by Alen M. Kraut who is a scholar of ethnic and immigration history. Kraut emphasized on the experience of immigrants on how they were affected by entertainment, education and how they would gain […]

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Illegal Immigration Example Persuasive

Beware! America is being invaded by aliens! Not the little, green, Martian type you see in science fiction movies, but the real thing. I’m talking about the illegal type who come in every day and every night, by land and by sea. Estimates have shown that as many as 500,000 illegal aliens make it across […]

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Immigration Test Questions

For many immigration to the United States would be a new beginning during 19th to early 20th century. There were many acts and laws to limit the number immigrating to the United States. Many of these acts were due to prejudice and misunderstanding of a culture. One such act was the Chinese Exclusion Act. Form […]

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Asian Immigration to the Us

Asian Immigration to the United States For the most part, Asians have had a rough time becoming equals in American society. But because of their hard work, and strong family ethics Asians as a whole have definitely become a keystone in the society of the United States. The first Asians to arrive on American shores […]

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Wage Disparity across Gender, Race and Ethnicity

Lack of common necessities is called poverty. Food, cloths and shelter are the basic needs of a human being. These things determine the quality of life of a person. Nowadays poverty has become a very big social problem for many nations. Social problem means a matter which creates an effect on all or some people […]

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Out of This Furnace

Out of this Furnace, by Thomas Bell, tells the story of a multigenerational family of Slovakian immigrants. This family of five generations came to American in the late nineteenth century in search of a better life. One of the first to arrive, Djuro Kracha, arrived in the New World in the middle of the 1880s. […]

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Employment of Undocumented Immigrants

Illegal immigration has been among the many prevailing issues of the United States. Statistics indicate that by the year 2003, the number of illegal aliens in the United States had grown into 8 million, with a yearly increase of half a million (“Illegal Immigration”); that would sum up to, 10. 5 million by 2008. The […]

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Ethnicity in Roman Portraiture

The paper “Ethnicity in Roman Portraiture” by Elizabeth Bartman discusses the issue of identifying ethnic features in portraits created in Imperial Rome. The author begins by saying that although the problem of ethnic identity has been the main point in classical literature for a long time, so far researchers have not paid sufficient attention to […]

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Filipino American

From 1565 to 1815, during the Manila-Acapulco Galleon Trade, Filipinos were forced to work as sailors and navigators on board Spanish Galleons. Borah E. (2004) In 1595 the Filipino sailors were abroad the San Agustin, commanded by Sebastian Rodriguez Carmeno, when it shipwrecked near Point Reyes by the mouth of San Francisco bay, California on […]

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In the United States, English is a very popular language; it is an official language to 27 States and 51 Nations. To be successful in school, new immigrants ought to learn English. Again, those who are interested in the political arena must be well conversant with English. This will assist them in articulating their policies […]

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About twenty-six Mexican men risked their lives on the journey to cross the deadly desert to the United States. As their “coyote”, Jesus Mendez was paid to guide the men (referred to as “walkers”). By the end of the journey, fourteen men had died while Mendez and the rest of the twelve men survived. As […]

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Geraldo No Last Name

Geraldo No last Name As civilizations transformed from barbaric societies into each individually modernized nations, social hierarchy proved to be inevitable. In the short story, “Geraldo No Last Name” by Sandra Cisneros, a fellow named Geraldo was killed in a fatal hit-and-run tragedy (though he could have been saved if the surgeon had no neglected […]

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Iron & Silk

Chapter 1 The first chapter describes the hassles four people have to go through to get to changsha china. Within the train stations and airports, they are trampled by different people clearly looking to make money off the ignorance of foreigners. The narrator is the main character and his motivation for being there is unclear. […]

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Ethnic Routes to Becoming American: Indian Immigrants and the Cultures of Citizenship

What does it mean to be American? This question is simply-worded, yet it renders a myriad of responses, none alike. In Ethnic Routes to Becoming American, Sharmila Rudrappa explores the experiences of South Asian immigrants in Chicago and their path towards becoming an ethnic American; at least what they define as becoming American. Providing brief […]

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Estereotipos Asiaticos

Asian American Students: Educational Needs Overshadowed by Stereotypes Mark Hoefnagel Writing 1010-002 Professor Carpenter April 23, 2001 Within our society, education is seen as the number one priority. Orestes Brownson commented that “every child is born with as good a natural right to the best education that community can furnish, as he is to a […]

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Illegal Immigration Example Argumentative

Persuasive Research PaperIllegal immigrationIllegal immigrants in the United States (US) have long been a topic of debate for politics and the public. The biggest problem about them is that they do not pay taxes; they add to the costs of taxpayers and use up funds in resources meant for assisting citizens and legal immigrants (the […]

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Immigration Test Questions

Asian Migration and Linguistic PresenceParts I & II General Aims To examine the history of the migration of Asians to the Caribbean.What did the slaves and the planters do when slavery was abolished and how did this affect interaction/language? ? How did the arrival of substitute labour from (largely) Asia affect the linguistic picture of the […]

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Briefly describe today’s immigrants in terms of numbers, main source areas, and skills/education. There is close to 40 million immigrants and about half of them are originally from Mexico. One Third of the immigrants have no high school diploma. 2. Identify and rank the five countries sending the largest numbers of immigrants to the U. […]

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How the social geography of race and ethnicity is shaped by racism and exclusion

What is meant by the term race? The term race is now not widely accepted (non-scientific category), as it is seen as categorisation of human beings based on genetic make up only (Genotypes, Phenotypes). Therefore is it obviously not realistic in the modern world as nowadays people can have multiple ethnic or racial backgrounds. Examples […]

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