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The Xia Dynasty was the first dynasty in ancient China. It was thought to be a myth Chinese used as a part of there history. Actually the Xia Dynasty was very real. The Xia Dynasty ruled from 2100 to 1600 B. C. They had a total of seventeen emperors, many achievements and few battles. The Xia Dynasty had seventeen emperors. The founding emperor Yu the Great who rules from 2100- 2055, Qi, who ruled from 2055- 2026, Shao Kang, who ruled from 2026- 2005 were the first three emperors.

Next came Huai, who ruled from 2005- 1961, Tai Kang, who ruled from 1961- 1932, Kong Jia, who ruled from 1932- 1901, Jie, who ruled from 1901- 1849, Zhong Kona, who ruled from 1849- 1836, Xiang, who ruled from 1836- 1808, and Zhu, who ruled from 1808- 1791 were the next seven emperors to take power during the Xia Dynasty. As we keep going Mang ruled from 1791- 1773, Xie, who ruled from 1773- 1752, Bujiang, who ruled from 1752- 1693 and Jiong who ruled from 1693- 1672 are the next four to rule the Xia Dynasty.

The last three to rule are Jin, who ruled from 1672- 1651, Gao, who ruled from 1651- 1640 and Fa, the last emperor to rule the Xia Dynasty ruled from 1640- 1629. Those are all the emperors to rule the Xia Dynasty From 2100 to 1600 B. C. The Xia Dynasty had many achievements… they were the first irrigate there crops, the first to produce cast bronze and the first to use a calendar. They also had one of the strongest armies in Chinese history. The rulers of the Xia Dynasty had complicated rituals to convene with the gods, in these rituals they used oracle bones.

The Xia Dynasty was agriculturally based and the Xia Dynasty made lots of pottery. As for battles there weren’t a whole lot. According to ancient Chinese texts, be fore the Xia Dynasty was established, battles were frequent between the Xia tribe and the Chiyou’s tribe before the Xia took over after that there were no major battles. The Xia Dynasty ruled from 2100- 1600 B. C. and had a total of seventeen emperors during that time. They were the first to irrigate, produce cast bronze and to use a calendar. Not many battles took place while the Xia Dynasty ruled. The Xia Dynasty was the first Dynasty to rule in ancient China.

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