Why is collaboration among universities important Essay Example
Why is collaboration among universities important Essay Example

Why is collaboration among universities important Essay Example

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  • Published: November 26, 2016
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The collaboration among universities is important because it can help to stimulating growth especially in education and research. Generally, the term of collaboration is about the interaction of different segment that actually can help to allow the sharing of competence and other resources. The important of collaboration among universities is can help to sharing the resources such as sharing knowledge, expertise, skill and experience among universities, and producing new technology through collaborative research in ways to explore and develop new technology.

Besides that, this collaboration also can help to provide technical and financial matters, to establish collaboration between academic and industry for the mutual benefit of the universities and industry as well as to generate or stimulate economic growth. It can be done through activities such as: research, seminars, learning and curriculum improvement course


s and so on.

The universities can used to be seen as standalone institution but no all universities actually can achieve their goal and objective. In ways to develop the competitive advantage, universities must encounter much challenge in ways to gain support with other parties such as government and non-government to develop produced excellent, creative, innovative students that efficient in professional skills thus drive the nation towards a high income economy.

Is there a competitiveness problem in the United States?

Yes, there are competitiveness problem in United States which is the serious challenges to drivers of competitiveness. Actually, this competitiveness problem can refer to efforts of enhance economic growth. This is because, U.S still in situations where the always require the manpower, skills that have high value because some of these assets take a very long

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time to build. So, certain parties should be emphasized in order to enhance regional economic growth especially and rebuilding its wealth generating machine through restoring the ability of enterprises to develop and manufacture high-technology products in United States.

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