The Game of My Life by Jeff Obafemi Carr Essay Example
The Game of My Life by Jeff Obafemi Carr Essay Example

The Game of My Life by Jeff Obafemi Carr Essay Example

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  • Published: April 17, 2017
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In “The Game of My Life” by Jeff Obafemi Carr, Carr uses the last three methods of successful narrative writing: center on conflict; use of dialogue; and know your purpose to effectively present his narrative. He takes the reader on his journey of childhood disappointment and trial to a pivotal moment for him and his father when he is well into adulthood. For the center on conflict, Carr relies on his past experiences as a child to highlight his failures in sports.

This seemingly self-esteem crushing past redeems itself during his basketball game at the YMCA where his father comes to watch him play, something he never had the opportunity to do when Carr was


a child. The dialog between the two is typical of a proud father and son, where the father says to the son, “You played a good game, son. ” Carr’s response is internal rather than vocal to his father, as he states, “Better than you may ever know, Pops”.

This dialog is also the resolution of conflict in the essay and ends the essay. Carr’s purpose seems to be to send the message that you are never too old to fulfill your dreams. Even without the guidance of his father in the sport that Carr loved, he pursued in on his own and it took him until he was an adult to be able to fulfill. He sends the message that self motivation is fulfilling and possible.

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