SWOT analysis for Bobble bottle Essay Example
SWOT analysis for Bobble bottle Essay Example

SWOT analysis for Bobble bottle Essay Example

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According to the Environmental Analysis, Germany is considered to offer favorable market entry opportunities for Bobble. As a leader in environmental technology within the European Union, Germany has robust environmental regulations.

Furthermore, "The Times" article titled "Lessons from Germany" highlights that waste reduction and recycling are promoted through the implementation of laws, while producers are held accountable for their packaging materials.

1. Use intensive marketing strategies during marathons to capture the attention of sports enthusiasts.

Target families who are environmentally-conscious and also have a fondness for children.

Bobble's solution can help find consumers in areas of Germany where water is very hard.

4. There is a market for bottled water with filters that has not yet reached its full potential.


1. Both consumers and the government a


re attracted to the environmental advantages.

2. A well-known brand in the EU.

Affordable - The cost is reasonable.

The design of the website will appeal to the younger generation and also attract many sportsmen in Germany, as it is a popular country for marathons globally.

The product is specifically designed to fit perfectly into cup holders found in cars.


The bottle is difficult to squeeze.

2. The plastic is too thin and causes deformation.



Germany is known for being a country that enjoys fizzy drinks.

2. The need for filtering water and purchasing the Bobble may be unnecessary due to tap water meeting standards. According to the EU drinking water directive, drinking water quality is excellent. Furthermore, a 2007 national surve

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conducted for the business association BDEW (BDEW customer barometer) found that 92% of customers were satisfied or very satisfied.

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