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Apocalypse Now is an American war Hollywood film acted in the Vietnam War. The film was created and directed by Francis Coppola from a script by John Milius and Coppola. The movie shares the same actors of Marlow with Heart of Darkness and the Wrath of God directed by Werner Arguirre. The movie became an infamous in entertainment rating as a result of its extensive and troubled production. The release of the film was deferred several times as the producer attempted t come up with an ending and end section of the film.

The movie won the Palme d’Or at Cannes and was recommended for Best Picture Academy Award and Global Award for best moving picture (Eleanor1979). As one of the best movies of the late 1970s regarding Vietnam War, Apocalypse Now, producer Francis Coppola accustoms Joseph Conrad movie The Heart of Darkness to portray war as a plunge into total madness. Martin Sheen named Captain Willard was assigned to search and deal with Martin Brando reported to have placed himself up in the Cambodian harsh world as a local a fatal godhead.

On the way Willard ran into napalm and Wager fan Robert Duvall, recruits who desired to surf and deal with drugs. In the ensuing skirmishes the USO Playboy film changed into a riot by raucous soldiers and the photographer Dennis Hopper giving wild relevant tales regarding Kurtz. By the time Willard sees the heads of rising up on stakes near Kurtz’s compound, he understands had gone over the deep end but it was unclear if Willard himself was for the same opinion with Kurtz’s insane pronouncement to “Drop the bomb” (Ford & Milius 2001).

Among the greatest Hollywood filmmakers was Francis Coppola’s ambition to produce a great film the Apocalypse Now. The film represented an elaborate and haphazard construction which began to run out of a gas at three quarter without bringing a satisfactory conclusion ad Marlon Brando’s often haphazard performance never gave way to the massive climax of the flow of the film. As an immense Vietnam War classic, Apocalypse Now completely achieves to depict the disorder and absurdity of the harsh world f conflict prior to slipping into trap.

Beginning with rhythmic beat of the blades of the helicopter, the scene unites with Captain Willard’s view of slowly spinning ceiling blades (Umberto & Milton1979). Captain Willard operated in Saigon hotel room alone which he had gotten used to in secret missions. Willard was given his final task about an operation which never took place. Deep in the harsh world, over the Cambodian border, Marlon Brando (Colonel Kurtz) had broken ties with higher command and created his own military cult.

Referring to Kurtz being insane, the armed forces accused Kurtz of murder and demanded Willard to assassinate him. Willard boarded a boat wit Vietnam crew, heading to Mekong River, which gives him time to think over his target and he came to understand why the army wanted Kurtz to be killed ( Gilbert1981). Captain Willard declared that he couldn’t be the one to execute Kurtz due to the insanity in Vietnam. Lt. Col. Kilgore the commander of the helicopter unit, loved to mount full assault on Vietcong outpost securing the area.

The following morning a squadron of helicopters came bustling over the treetops and their leader, Wagner giving commands over the speakers and his troops were glad to have such a charismatic leader. As Captain Willard went up the river where most part of the shores was lined with unbroken vegetation, the conflict ensues. Willard is held and brought before Kurtz in a darkened temple where Kurtz lectures him regarding theories of war, humanity and civilization. Kurtz asserts his intentions and philosophy in poignant monologue in which he admires the ruthlessness of the Vietcong which he had witnessed first hand in his charitable missions.

He remembered the incident as leaving him traumatized but also giving him a deeper understanding of the complex nature of his enemies and the extent to which the USA had to commit in order to win (Karl1999). Apocalypse Now represents a vivid and souvenir of how the cock-eyed Vietnam War actually was. By managing to shoot the film sing a small budget and over a short period of time during the period time of conflict demonstrated that Coppola had the very high level of determination.

The Philippines locations are used to stunning effect implying the humidity and the heat of the jungle with its apparent threat and danger. The photography was quite excellent capturing a broad range of colors and contrasts as gunboat moves through water which differs from smooth to turbulent. Apocalypse Now was well received at the Box Office when it was first filmed in August 1979. The movie at first opened in one theater in Hollywood, New York City and Toronto collecting over $ 300, 000 within five days.

The film was run fully in three locations for four weeks before it operated in twelve other theatres on October 1979 and then several hundreds weeks later. The movie gained more than $ 78 million in the USA and world wide about $ 150 million. The film was selected by Ebert to his list of Great Movies declaring that “Apocalypse Now was the best Vietnam movie since it pushed ahead of others into the dark areas of the spirit. The film was not all about war but revealed the truth which the viewers are happy to get (Cowie 2001).

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