Pleasantville Distinctivly Visual Essay

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Distinctively visuals are created in the movie ‘Pleasantville’ directed by Gary Ross to form meaning and impact the audiences through the use of various cinematic techniques. Gary Ross creates distinctive visuals by using particular camera angles/shots also effectively using colours to create symbolic meanings within the movie. Like so in the scene ‘The Trial’ it is presented in a long shot or an establishment shot to present to the audience of the settings and context of the scene. The scene is settled in a court room as we can see that Budd and Mr Johnson are being trialled.

This establishment shot is sufficient as it clearly shows the separation from the ‘coloured’ people and the ‘non-coloured’ people. By showing the contrast of the people we see the segregation and isolation between these people. Effectively this can be linked to the realistic racial segregation of today’s world and forming meaning and perception within the audience. Another way Ross convey meaning into this scene is with the use of aural qualities, particularly with the use of music.

As Budd tries to convince the jury and his father that changes for everyone is possible, a soft melodic tone is an introduced and as the thoughts and feelings become deeper the music becomes louder until his father surges with colours. The effect of the music is to endorse the changing of colour just as how the transition of the music climbs to a climax once he changes colour. Similar technique is used when Budd is successful in turning the whole court ‘coloured’ and true, a loud and triumphant music is played to depict to the audience that they were of victorious.

Although the music softens from its climax it begins to rise back up as more changes happen in the town of Pleasantville showing the story has reached its peak and life have changed for all. Throughout the movie Gary Ross uses varies techniques to effectively illustrate the distinct visuals. The use of camera angles and shots help depict the atmosphere and setting of scenes and conveying deeper meanings of their society. Also with the use of music to aid in the process of change and transition within the characters themselves and the movie, representing a happier life as everything changes and reaches its peak.

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