My First Memory of Librarians

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I had a lot of interest in this poem because it signifies the importance of learning and the resourcefulness of books. I myself have a passion to read and share this enthusiasm with Giovanni. The poem is written in the first person which gives it a personal feel. The library into which Giovanni enters is described in detail. The heavy oak chairs and banker’s lights make me think of important things. Also the creaky floor makes me feel like the library is old. Old and important stuff also make me happy.

I think I would also like to visit this library as the reader does while reading this poem. Giovanni goes of her way to make sure the reader knows that the library and the books inside are too big. By describing how big everything she guides the reader into thinking that she is very young. This assumption is also supported in the title, “My first Memory of Librarians”. Apparently the memory is not her actual first memory, but only her first memory of librarians.

I think that my first memory of librarians when I was young is lot like hers. Perhaps my love for books is not as strong as Giovanni’s. She obviously emphasizes the importance of books and enjoys them a lot. This is very apparent in her poem. In the last stanza Giovanni tells us why she loves books: through our fingertips we can use books to access another world of knowledge, creativity, fun, magic, and imagination. Giovanni makes this other world seem pretty exciting and full of childhood fantasy.

In fact, reading this poem makes me want to drop everything I am currently doing and read my book. If this was the main purpose of the poem to reader than she has succeeded on me. The image of the smiling librarian, the old floor creaking, and the heavy oak chairs- it all adds up to a great image of an inviting library where we are all explorers in the field of learning and selection of books. And all this to the youngest people among us. These are the ones who are still capturing their first hand memories. It’s all at our fingertips.

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