Littering Satire Essay

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There’s nothing like walking through the park in the summertime, and seeing all the beautiful garbage scattered in the grass. It’s even better when you see the little bunnies chewing on that plastic wrapper someone left on the ground. Also, it’s just wonderful when you’re driving and you see someone throwing a cigarette butt out their window. Don’t you think so?

Knowing that littering destroys wildlife is just one of the perks. When birds are carrying back plastic bags to make their nest, it’s such a pleasant sight. Sometimes, when the animals don’t get to the garbage us humans carelessly throw around, it washes into the storm drains that lead into the ocean. Seeing plastic six pack rings around fishes in the ocean just warms my heart, knowing that people are doing their best to help with the population control. There are too many animals in nature anyway.

Another positive effect of littering is having a filthy water supply. When you see a factory dumping waste into a river or stream, it will eventually make its way into our tap water, how delicious! It’s like they’re putting a little bit of flavoring in it for whoever drinks it, it’s just so thoughtful. In addition, when waste is dumped, it usually kills the animals in the water, so you don’t have to worry about fishes swimming around in your drinking water. The big shot company owners are always thinking about the little people.

Similarly, littering also has a positive effect on the soil. According to Bill Nye the Science Guy, “it’s good to litter so the trash can decompose and turn into good, rich soil.” The plants then suck in the good nutrients it gets from our garbage, and helps the plants grow. Then, the plants are harvested and put on our plates for dinner. Just another fascinating way human’s littering ends up in our daily lives.

Overall, littering just helps to create an unsightly environment. However, if humans didn’t litter, the delinquents who have to do community service wouldn’t have anything to do anymore. In addition, the slight eye sore caused by littering can be easily over looked by all of the benefits previously mentioned.

However, littering is a serious problem in the United States. Litter doesn’t just appear on the ground. It’s put there by negligent human beings, who are too lazy to find a garbage can. Everything that touches the ground eventually ends up in our rivers, drinking water, or on our plates as dinner. There are very simple things we can do to prevent having garbage all over our streets, such as putting more trash cans on sidewalks, and in parks. Also, there should be a stricter enforcement of fines when people litter. In the US people can pay thousands of dollars in fines, and some states even go to jail. However, these laws aren’t at all very strict. Another thing that would greatly help is if trash containers are put into cars. Half the litter on the street is from people throwing things out of their car window. Please do your part in helping the environment, and find a trashcan before being careless.

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