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Dividing attention can impede learning when trying to retain new facts. This can actually impair ability to retain information or to properly interact with others. When receiving information from many different sources or interfacing with different people at the same time it is difficult to concentrate and succeed at dealing with at least one of the issues at hand. If dividing your attention among a group of activities impedes your progress, then quite simply build a safe environment before you begin an important project. It is necessary also to view the type of knowledge that is being studied.

Logical critical thinking that is based upon experience does not require as much attention span. Learning a new language for example may require complete concentration. There are also activities that require full attention. Provide an environment that I have control over the flow. I can provide my undivided attention to that particular activity. Attention span depends on what you might think is important. Attention span can also be difficult for an individual with a learning disability. I have ADHD so sticking to one task at a time is often difficult.

If I am distracted by something while I am trying to read, I will not be able to focus on any task until I attend to the lingering thought. Environment really does have a lot to do with performance, a good night’s sleep, a quiet home, even a comfort chair, these things can make all the difference in the world in terms of how you may achieve your goals. If I am reviewing a subject then I am able to listen to music softly in the background otherwise I need a completely quiet environment. In everyday situations where I am merely reading the latest news or checking my email I have no problems multitasking.

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