Disadvantages of cinema Essay Example
Disadvantages of cinema Essay Example

Disadvantages of cinema Essay Example

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  • Published: August 1, 2016
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Apart from its various advantages, Cinema is not free from its evil effects. Film artistry is, unfortunately, compelled to compro­mise with people’s popular taste and appeal to their lower instincts. Too many films dealing with sex problems and with the ways of the criminals are now shown, f These are apt to affect public morality. The substandard catering of music I and recreation is likely to injure public taste and outlook and is not ultimately good for the art.

The Cinema has far reaching effect upon the youth of the country. The ftlms make them prematurely sex conscious and they start reacting the scenes of romantic pictures in their regular life. A sense of dissatisfaction with life is engendered among them. Vandal­ism and increasing acts of rowdyism in the student community are attributed to their indiscriminately frequenting th


e cinema halls. Again the youth imitating all sorts of fashions from the films lead to the development of expensive tastes and manners. They grow divorced from grim and dismal realities of life and start living in the fairyland pictures on the screen. In this respect the role of Government is significantly felt.

Further in India Cinema has to attain the artistic and technical perfection, Government aid by way of subsidy, helping manufacture of raw film and other equipment in the country; admission tax reduction, encouragement to talented artists and techni­cians must be forthcoming. We must not forget that with wide range of depiction and with universality of its appeal, Cinema has tremen­dous possibilities in our country. With our abundant and natural wealth and inexhaustible fund of rich literature, our Cinema, though young and unstable, its growth is inevitable.

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