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The airport is a central area from where the airplanes depart and arrive from other countries so that there is easy control and monitoring of the air traffic.

Wikipedia defines an airport as: “An airport is a facility where aircraft can take off and land. At the very minimum, an airport consists of one runway (or helipad), but other common components are hangars and terminal buildings.” (Wikipedia, 2006[1])

The airport is a place where the people can get together as a single lot and then travel to different areas of the world with ease. The airport was made for the convenience of the people because an airport helps them to travel from one place to another. This mode of travel is easier than any other mode of traveling such as by road or rail.

Any individual, who would like to go abroad, can use the airport as a means of traveling. However, there are some restrictions that must be followed so that the airport can maintain its security and standards. This is the reason why the paper has been written on the topic of ‘Airport Safety’. There are a number of pointers that must be kept in mind by any passenger and the airport staff as well.

An airport comprises of a number of elements that each play a vital role in the security and safety of the airport. “An airport may have a variety of facilities and infrastructure, including fixed base operator services, air traffic control, passenger facilities such as restaurants and lounges, and emergency services.” (Wikipedia, 2006[2])

Airport Safety

An airport, no matter where it is located, would always have a set of instructions to follow and this is why the safety measures are taken. The practical examples of such airports will be discussed further in the paper. But there is a need to understand the theoretical aspect of airport safety and how these measures must be maintained.

The first thing that must be kept in mind when considering airport security is that there is a need for every passenger to go through a thorough check of any ammunitions and threats that the airport may face at the time of the flight.

The passengers must be asked to cooperate and the passengers in turn must also show some aspects of cooperation. The passengers must not intervene in the security measures that are taken by any airport because these are the standards that are to be followed.

If an airport does not go through the security measures, there is a chance that the airplane may take off with a passenger or two with illegal ammunitions and if these passengers were in turn caught at the destination airport, there is a huge probability that the airport where the passenger departed can be blamed for not having strict security regulations.

Such circumstances where the airport not following strict rules and regulations can be a problem because the reputation of the airport may be reduced and this can cause many international airports to not trust their work. This is why it is necessary to follow security rules strongly.

Along with the security rules, there is also the need for the regulations to embed a sense of respect for the individual passenger as well. The regulation setters must ensure that none of the regulations that have been set by the top management may affect or harm the passenger in any manner. There is the right of the passenger to make sure that the security officers do not try to harass him / her during the procedures.

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